Monday, October 5, 2009

MM: Furaha Kuziliwa Papa ASID - Michael Fabulous Monday

Papa ASID at home in Ochi

Today is a Highlyday around the ASID HighPower Soundsystem Studios. It's The Earth Born Strong of Papa ASID - Our Founder

The Man him deh pon di culcha trail, whey him deh a stay.

We caan sure which part him deh, but mi feel seh him deh a yard;
Him mus somewhere a catch nuff nap unda one big ol'pear tree; maybe him
a eat off the ripe ripe gynip or pine; maybe him deh a kitchen eat off nuff ital stew; but then him coulda anywhere, since we dun kno him rum tings longtime.

Since this Highlyday coincides with Music Monday we get to shine inna fi we element.

This is Michael Fabulous and Capleton - filmed in a yard in Ocho Rios,
right down the road from where we all live. yes both of them live in the
close area. Both Michael and Capleton have beautiful homes in St. Mary,
which is just on the other side of the bridge that seperates St.Anns' parish
from St. Mary. For those who know the area well, it's just beyond The New Pineapple
Place Craft Market; beyond White River and Irie FM;
at the Fork in the road where you head go up a Exchange and Mango Walk.

mama asid in fern gully outside ochi rios

If you are traveling to Jamaica, drop us a line and we'll give you the directions
to some really nice likkle north coast country places, to visit, get a B&B or just go Chill Out - we have the Linkage Tight, and we never mind sharing it.

Michael Fabulous is a great longtime family friend of the ASID Crew; and this is the latest interview and musical compliation of what he's doing this year.

Michael is Our Neighbor A Yard; Yes a Mi Neighbor dis from Ochi

MICHAEL FABULOUS - NEVER GIVE UP from High Vibes Int on Vimeo.

in case you don't know who Michael Fabulous is, just watch this most recent bio video; as the man will tell unu nuff nuff bout him big connections, him tour,
and who him deh wid inna di studio. is pure stars him deh mongst, unu nah seet.

We notice some of unu nah kno seh, we country people.
So today we focus pon country people and nice music;
and show unu how nice and decent country people is.

Today We Give Unnu Pure Roots Riddim' Fi Lively Up Ya Self


Dorothy L said...

You weren't kidding when you said pure roots.
Totally down home reggae.

Thanks for the smilz :)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Yes Ms.D Us Country Folks love the real country music. did you know that Johnny Cash had a beautiful house in the Blue Mountains; and left it to the mission / school he started more than 20 years ago.

Nothing Like Country My Girl,
Thanks for the comment