Friday, October 9, 2009

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Today On The Suss – we’ll talk about our wildest hair era’s and what sparked them. Make Sure You Call In –


Peace and Hairgrease My Peeples,

What Kind of Good Hair Do You Have ?
I'm Straight and Silky - Naturally
I'm Curly and Loctastic
I'm naturally beautiful Afrolicious Baby
I'm strictly an Indian Hair Girl
I'm Addicted to The Creamy Crack
I Am Woman See MY Sistah Locs
I'm Rockin the Microbraided Crown
I like it Chopped Down Baby - Like Amber Rose
I got my Clip-Ins and My Tracks keepin me On Point
If you Peep My Mohawk you'll know who's runnin thangs
I'm the Queen of the Lacefront
I'm the Original Hawaiian Silky Goddess
I'm Short and Cute with a Lotta Texture
I'm An Oldstyle Ceramic Gal - Rockin My Press and Curl
I'm the Queen of the Quick Weave Wig or Quick Weave Clip On
I'm a Ponytail Diva
I'm rockin 3D Underbraids
I'm Still Gellin Baby and Wrappin It Up
Please Specify:
uggs boots


THE GUYS said...

The wildest hair....definitely the 80s. That's when it was hard to distinguish between guys and gals.

Ahhh...those were the days.

Take care!!

RE Ausetkmt said...

heyyyy Guys,today you almost can't distinguish between she heads and he heads. braids, locs, weaves, afros, mulletts, mohawks and all manner of wildhair. I'm lovin It.

obtw we're considering a Mohawk, but someone suggested we do a Fauxhawk so we will still have alot to work with.

Whatcha think guys ? the Gal in a Hawk ??