Friday, July 22, 2011

Wait - just a moment, hold the phone, it's Friday and Rebekah's decided where she's gonna sit

What is Rebekah Brooks talking about now ?

oooo right.. It's Friday

You know they locked her ass up to keep her out of ruperts' clutches.

But it almost makes us wonder if maybe they were putting her on ice, until they snatch his ass up. somehow we doubt it will happen; but it would be justified with all this spying and hackin going on. who gets away with that.. 

oooooh rightttt, back to the story. - this is from youtubetrends and mashable tonite,

With Rebekah Brooks and Rebecca Black both in the news earlier this week, someone had to figure out a way to mash up the two.
Now, somebody has. A heavily auto-tuned singer performs the new lyrics, which are adapted to the former News of the World editor’s role in the News Corp. phone hacking scandal. “Friday, Friday, gotta resign on Friday” is one refrain, and other lines include “James is in the front seat” and “Rupert’s in the back seat.” Hang in there as well for Rupe’s rap, which comes about two minutes in.
For those looking for another musical treatment of the scandal, there’s also “Hacking on the Telephone,” which is sung to the tune of Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone.”
[via YouTube Trends]

Can you believe that the songwriters are on this so fast ? wow -

Wait - just a moment, hold the damn phone. who else but Pimpin Ass Pastor David Manning is all up in this ish.. Please tell us, what pray tell do you know Pastor Manning ?

A Prince You Say...
ahhhh maybe he does know something. hmmmm

Have you wondered lately if your cellphones being bugged ? well we've actually found something you might like on that too.  this is just a short piece on the signs and symptoms of a dirty device.  you can decide for yourself what to do with it; after you make your diagnosis. uh yeah.

Remember you can take steps to protect yourself, just do it quickly. Don't Be a Rebekah, always have a plan b.

We just wonder if they gave her the news by phone..
That Is All - Transmission is now complete,

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