Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cracking Down on Drug Logic - Straight from a Street Corner Pharmacists Play Book


Today we continue our trip down the back alley of America's drug highway - the I 75 Corridor

we're sure you can look at any newspaper, local or national and find drug cases, but you won't find crack cases. why ? crack has been wacked in America, so to say. it's been replaced by the newer more costly marks or societal influence - pills.

Recently we spent a few hours with our undercover correspondent, Mr One. Discussing the economy and talking about the new drug issue that's blowing up the east coast - oxys.
Brazil is about 10 years away from this, because the level of prescription abuse hasn't reached the point that we see in the US. There is less money for pills, since medical care is socialized, and distributed openly. this is why we don't understand how they have this tremendous crack problem. it's just like the middle 80's in the us. so many people are dying of crack abuse and HIV that the medical community seems to have thrown their hands up in the air. why is this allowed to happen is what we'd like to understand.

Mr One has his explanations straight on track. the majority of today's issues with Oxycontin come straight from the connections. Anytime you find a captive population looking for a product, you'll find an enterprising service industry spring up. that's why the I-75 corridor is one of Americas' biggest money makers.

The prison industrial complex makes millions yearly by incarcerating hundreds with unreal jail terms, for small amounts of prescription contraband. if you get caught with as few as 100 pills and you're a POC from out of state; there is no doubt that you're going to do minimum 25 years.
What America needs to ask itself is, if this revenue stream for private prisons is helping to change the problem ?

Of course the answer is no - because when the hillbilly heroin users don't get their oxys, they then find the real deal - Heroin. this is why America needs to invest in rehab instead of incarceration.

if Suboxone was mandatory for all people arrested on prescription drug charges, and found to be intoxicated with Oxycodone; the marketplace would dry up.
Did you know that there are various formulas for Oxy ? made by the Same Company.. WTF ?

Mr One discusses the way Heroin and Oxycontin effect the mind and what happens to those who are faced with the choice, when one is substituted for the other. Law enforcement knows that this is the normal pattern. Which is why so many people are being found in possession of both Oxycontin and Suboxone.

Take a trip down Reality Road with us and then put the question to your legislators -

What is their position on Drug Rehabilitation vs. Private Prisons for Drug Offenders?
no doubt when you get your response, you'll then understand why we undertook such a gritty job. Someone had to do it, so why not BadGalsRadio.

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