Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tricky Thursday With My Buddies

First Off lets watch a safety video - this is from Germany and it's on Driving and Intoxicants

Now to us that's clearly commonsense. yet a lot of things seem like commonsense, but we see otherwise. mostly we're speaking about the present state of the financial crisis discussions in DC. we watched Stephen Colbert last nite and he was absolutely hilarious. He hit it in the middle of the forehead when he said that the republicans only want a chance to vote no again; so that when the president vetoes' their BS, and the bill passes - they can say they made it happen.

WTF ? absolutely; republican doublespeak.

With that, we know that you are sick up to your eyeballs of that sad state of games, so today we offer you a fast moving look at the world of Medical Marijuana, and all the things we're blogging about today on The Four Twenty Times.

Please bear in mind that these items are posting from our queue at the rate of 50 per day so at any given time you may see a pic, comeback and voila it's gone. that's also the case if you receive the email version of this post.

it's absolutely dynamic so that you won't get bored

That's the magic of an RSS Feed - You Get Fresh Material Consistently. Us knowing how much you seem to enjoy a midweek distraction;

All of These buds are for you

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