Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be Careful about Reading Too Much - the FBI Might Arrest You For That

Hactivists and Activists under fire from the FBI 
Why is what we should be asking ?

'This is from Fox this afternoon - apparently the FBI is pissed that Anonymous has been showing off their dirt to the world. so they do what they do and go arresting a bunch of people, who may or may not be involved. At the same time they go after Aaron Schwartz for Downloading and Reading Too Many Papers Online - WTF ?

Shocking news: Moments ago former Demand Progress Executive Director Aaron Swartz was indicted by the US government. As best as we can tell, he is being charged with allegedly downloading too many journal articles from the Web. The government contends that downloading so many journal articles constitutes felony  computer hacking and should be punished with time in prison.  We disagree.

The charges are made all the more senseless by the fact that the alleged victim has settled any claims against Aaron, explained they've suffered no loss or damage, and asked the government not to prosecute.

James Jacobs, the Government Documents Librarian at Stanford University -- where Aaron did undergraduate work -- denounced the arrest: "Aaron's prosecution undermines academic inquiry and democratic principles," Jacobs said. "It's incredible that the government would try to lock someone up for allegedly looking up articles at a library."
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PETITION OF SUPPORT FOR AARON SWARTZ:  We stand with Aaron Swartz and his lifetime of work on ethics in government and academics.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has raided the homes of over a dozen alleged “hacktivists” associated with Anonymous in New York, New Jersey, Florida and California this morning, according to Fox News. The main Anonymous Twitter accounts, the group’s primary mode of communication with the world, have been silent but a correlated account @ThaiAnonymous has weighed in on the raids.

“It doesnt matter how many people the ‘FBI’ arrest.. wether they are core members or not.. #anonymous have started something unstoppable.”

Anonymous and related hacker group LulzSec have angered governments across the United States and Europe in recent weeks with an “AntiSec” campaign designed to attack government agencies and contractors. It was just a matter of time before the FBI tracked some members down. Yet, who are they and what their involvement is remains uncertain

we copied this to put the word out that there is a new chatroom and dashboard for those inclined toward the truth

Welcome to the Anonymous Social Networking site
@higochoa   @AntiSecDev

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Ok guys, heres the deal. Anon+ is not only changing its name but taking on a new id all together. You see unlike most this project has a real diffrence to make. People out there are so hung up on stupid pride that they cant accept the change coming there way. So we had really only a couple of options.
1.) Deal with people attacking us constently making a hard project even harder.
2.) Drop the project and say screw it.
3.) Change the name and reorginize.
Obviously we chose option #3. The idea and the outcome are the same. Freedom of expression over an anonymous platform. A simple and civil idea that some simply cant understand.
Not only did we lose ourselfs in this project but we lost the cause. We exhausted both ourselfs and our followers to keep a bunch of kids entertained.
This we can not stand for. There are those out there who would like to see us fail, We do not belive in failure. Now , we have supported anonymous in all its lulz but have felt both the touch and sting of its presence.
We do not wish to spend out time fighting anything but oppression or anyone except those who wish to oppress.
Now for those wondering what then is to become of anonplus besides the name change let me quote a very respected and dear person to all of us at presstorm.
"Anonplus was meant to twart government censorship - so that in the case of a government blackout - the people can still be heard. The people are so far estranged from their world governments that they do not have a voice - even outside of revolution - therefore, they need an amplification tool without having to fear censorhip from both the government AND the social network/media that they are choosing to use.
This social network will also incorporate and facilitate an open source educational environment allowing those who want, to further their knowledge of things that are righted to them at birth without having to feed the machine thousands upon thousands of dollars to do so.
This social network will allow open communication of ideas -and is essentially a cyber-anarchy formatted environment whereas the people are the ones keeping the peace in order via an "understanding," rather than a "force" or "threat." They will be able to achieve knowledge on how to defend themselves against those who would stand to oppose them in the chance that their liberty and freedom be threatened.
This social network would allow open exchange of currency via alternative currency without feeding the grid - and those corporations that wish to strangle the average citizen's wages without a conscience. The people would generate their own currency and wage via alternative energy means such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy - and then any excess can be used for gain using a barter/trade system via the social network anonplus without fear of being penalized like ebay or other similar networks do.
This social network is essentially: The activists dashboard. "
I understand that the appeal for some will now be lost. Those of you interested in this simply because of the affiliation to anonymous, you are not who we built this for. You are sheep and although we can try to herd you towards intelligence we cant stop the wolfs.
For those seriously seeking a way to coexist without the oppresion of the world governments please come vist us and chat. If you wannna help ask around, be patient and engage in some interesting conversations. You never know what you will learn.
Thanks again for your continued support From Higochoa and all at
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PLEASE stay out of pressroom , you will get banned and nothing of good will come of it, ty .
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This is the Video from Anonymous that for once is HipHop Flavored - and quite tasty indeed. This time at the request of their fans  they include a  FREE DOWNLOAD of the Tune Here on SendSpace:   We downloaded it so expect to hear it on

All this is happening while Rupert Murdoch sits in question on his empires' part in the largest hacking scandal in history.  yet we don't see the fbi all up in his shit.  that's what we need to understand - Why Not ?  he's headed the most corrupt and slanted news organization on the planet and he's walking around saying "ohh Sorry".. like the hacks his employees committed did nothing to anyone. WRONG.

This afternoon Anonymous Plus came to life amid all the fbi nonsense. With that, we expect much more intense Antisec action - since they are beefing up to deal with the fbi.  this should show America just what happens when your freedoms are threatened and you can no longer find the facts; without them being hidden / taken hostage by the so called security factor.  The FBI is surely reading this message and hoping that they can get a clue from it. With that said - We hope that they do.

Remember Friends - Don't READ TOO MUCH, it could get you locked down for knowing the truth (wink*wink)


msladydeborah said...

This is not a good look for the people of this nation. When you are arrested for reading too much then there is a problem that needs to be met head on!

Thanks for sharing this information. We need to know what is going on all over this land.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Every teacher in this nation is now at odds with this, because you bring reality to light; by teaching reading.

Clearly reading is fundamental to understanding; which is why they want you to stop.

If you stop reading you won't be able to track their dirt and wrong. please pass the word because we have to respond to this now.