Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wonder what Google has planned for Blogger ?

Can You Say Whoopie !!!!!!

We're Now on Google + thanks to our tumblr buddy Courtney

For those who've missed the news - here's a brief look at the new and wonderful world of Google+.

we're still exploring it's uses and functions. with that said, we'll be posting alot of videos and links to info on Google+. if you happen to find one that we've missed and should see - be sure to hit our submit button and tell us all about it.

We heard just this week that Google will be renaming and rebranding Blogger - so stay tuned because we're going to ride it out with Google+. If You'd like an invite leave us a coment and we'll click you into our invite circle.

Like You we know that so much is happening in tech these days that we need to keep abreast with an rss feed. We hope you're reading our daily updates directly on Pod313 Tech Tips, so that you don't miss an entire story.

Now How About that .. Yeah,


FishHawk said...

Another outstanding presentation on Google+. Alas, you are bound and determined to drag me into the 21st century, regardless of how much I kick and scream--aren't you?

RE Ausetkmt said...

welcome to google+ you old googler. now that I've got you in, lets start a huddle. (wink*wink)