Tuesday, July 5, 2011

YOU Going to Jail for Using YouTube or Playing a Mixtape ? Stop Congress Before Ten Strikes Locks Us All Up

Do You Remember wayyy back last year when we turned you onto Wiz Khalifa before he blew up and became mainstream ? we've found another independent artist that we think will soon rock the charts with material; of substance.

Check Out Bread - War of The Minds

Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player

What we like most about this cd is the tunes actually have lyrics. yeah lyrics instead of just some semi clever hook. Listening to it, we predict several hits will emerge from the bunch. our favs from first listen are Assassination Day; Rebel Music; Black Flag and Exile. you'll be hearing these within the coming week on BadGalsRadio.

This CD is Why We Are Independent and We Support Independent Music.

Enjoy The Freedom While it Lasts - yes you knew that there was a hook to this tune so here it goes. If Congress gets it's way, music like this - free downloadable music will disappear. even our radio station and youtube.

Why Would This Effect Your Videos?

There's a new effort building steam to make music played more than ten times a felony. yes a felony. so if music being free, independent and self producing is important to you - please click this link and sign the petition.

We All Need To Click On This and Forward It As Much as Possible

Help Protest S. 978, The New 10 Strikes Bill

The Senate is considering a bill that would make the streaming of copyrighted material on the internet illegal and punishable with up to five years of jail time. This would essentially make posting videos of lip-syncing to popular songs, among many other things, a felony. Click the link and send a letter to your congressmen asking them to reject this outrageous bill.

Under this law you wouldn't be able to:

  • post videos with any music in the background.
  • the dancing wedding videos would disappear.
  • no more celebrity impression videos.
  • no dancing at your party videos.
  • no exercise with music videos;
  • no cyber tours with musc.
  • No More Podcasts
  • No More Streaming Radio
  • No More Streaming Television
  • you couldn't post your own live performances.
  • No More Freely Downloadable Mixtapes - like this one
  • Nor could you post your uber cute little dancer working it out with his favorite music.
  • Also we hear that would include jingles; as they're technically music too.
We Received This note after we signed the petition and it gives more information on what is happening with this bill - so you need to sign it tout sweet mon cheri !
Dear BadGals-

Here they go again: Big business's lobbyists are launching another attack on Internet freedom. Senators are considering a "Ten Strikes" bill to make it a felony to stream copyrighted content -- like music in the background of a Youtube video -- more than ten times.

Will you urge your lawmakers to vote no? Just click here:

As the writers at TechDirt point out, under this bill you could go to jail for posting video of your friends singing karaoke:

"The entertainment industry is freaking out about sites that embed and stream infringing content, and want law enforcement to put people in jail over it, rather than filing civil lawsuits.... We already pointed to one possibility: that people embedding YouTube videos could face five years in jail. Now, others are pointing out that it could also put kids who lip sync to popular songs, and post the resulting videos on YouTube, in jail as well."

That's right: Ten strikes and you could get jail time. Less than a month ago, the Hollywood industry magazine, Variety, reported, "Industry lobbyists pressed House members on Wednesday to pass legislation that would make illegal streaming of movies, TV shows and other types of content a felony...."

Only a few weeks later, the MPAA is getting its wish. Will you email your lawmakers and tell them to vote against the Ten Strikes Bill?

Just click here:

All of these things would be illegal under this law, as stupid as it seems. and the downside to this is that if it's passed you will be breaking the law if you use youtube and do any of these things.

Remember Music is Free as long as you keep it that way

Sign The Petition NOW,

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FishHawk said...

Thank you for calling attention to this. I signed the petition, and I forwarded the email I received from DemandProgress to everyone I think might respond.