Friday, August 6, 2010

Ohhh La La Laaaaa, please Haiti do not be charmed by old music

Do You Remember when we talked about Wyclef Jeans’ political aspirations earlier this year ? Well Voila !  Apparently he wants them to change the law and allow him to run against sitting president Renee’ Preval in November.
Haitis’ constitution says all candidates must be 1. Haitian by Citizenship and 2. to have lived in the country for the previous Five Years to his candidacy.
Uhh Ruhhhh,, Wyclef are you aware of these two crucial requirements ? 
He thinks he can make it happen. And Take Notice Haiti and World - if his people are strong enough to make this happen; I suggest we may be watching the rebirth of another political strongman aka “Breddah Doc” like the previous DOC’s.  Please Haiti don’t forget about Wyclefs’ ownership of the media; his financial inability to tell the truth about even his own Yele Haiti Foundation; or his back hand dealing on making money on his own charity concert for Haiti.
Wyclef Brother Man, maybe you should get back in the studio with Dylan and come up with some Hot Burning Fyre before you try to burn out peoples memories.  most of us can’t remember anything you did musically since the Fugees’.

Oh La La Laaaaaa,

Wyclef Jean on Tuesday announced his bid to run for president of Haiti in the country’s Nov. 28 election. Analysts say Wyclef Jean is in a strong position to become Haiti president after René Préval.

Haitian musician Wyclef Jean, right, gives a pack of goods to a woman at a camp for people displaced by the January earthquake in Port-au-Prince, June 15. Wyclef announced on Tuesday he is officially running for president of Haiti.
Wyclef told TIME magazine and CNN on Tuesday that he will campaign in the Nov. 28 election. The Associated Press verified the announcement with Haitian political heavyweight Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques.

 Mr. Jean-Jacques, as the former leader of the country’s Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of Haiti’s parliament), is something akin to former House majority leader Newt Gingrich, though not ideologically. He now heads the one-year-old coalition party Ensemble Nous Faut (We Must Do It Together) that is putting forward Wyclef as its presidential candidate. The election law requires every candidate to register with a political party.
Alexandre Meneghini/AP

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