Friday, August 13, 2010 and Alabama Mike help us make it Day to Day

Check out Day to Day from Alabama Mike

Yeah you know I love Blues, ooooh Chicago Blues, and Delta blues are my favorites. This is even more special because it's Family Blues. yes I said Family Blues. this is the brother of my friend and fellow blogger Jacqueline of

I was first given a taste of Alabama Mike a few months ago and believe me I can hardly wait for that CD to arrive here at BadGalsRadio. Mike makes me feel some things that alot of bluesmen can't. he touches that part of my everyday soul that craves a good heapin helpin of reality. this tune Day to Day is all about just that.

there are never enough tunes to really touch the core of what we feel when we hit that down spot. some of us turn to rock, some love their spirituals, but for me it's Reggae or Blues. now don't get me wrong, I love most music - but when I have a headache, so to say; I wanna hear me some Blues Baby.

Today we salute Alabama Mike on the Release of His New CD -Tailor Made Blues

Alabama Mike Tailor Made Blues Alabama Mike: Tailor Made Blues

Jukehouse is proud to release in association with 9Below Productions, Alabama Mike’s sophomore release “Tailor Made Blues,” again showcasing Mike’s ability to not only deliver great singing, but also great songwriting. The official release of Tailor Made Blues is on August 15th.

“Tailor Made Blues” draws from many styles of Blues and American Soul Music, the album features the Bay Area guitar talents of Anthony Paule, Jon Lawton, Scot Brenton as well as James Cotton, and sideman, Tom Holland. Also on the recording is Thunderbird bass player, Randy Bermudes.

(Listen to Alabama Mike) Biography:

Alabama Mike is a hard-driving Chicago style blues singer with the ability to make you feel as if you’ve revisited the early CHESS RECORDS days.

Many things come to mind upon hearing Alabama Mike sing for the first time, but mostly it’s where has this guy been? With a soulful voice that brings such greats as Elmore James, Buddy Guy, Little Johnny Taylor and yes, even BB King to mind, you will be asking yourself, “Why haven’t I seen or heard of him before.”

Alabama Mike is a very unique talent, not only a gifted singer but also a very talented songwriter, having penned over half of the tunes on this impressive debut.

Born in Talladega, Alabama, in 1964, “Alabama” was influenced by the Gospel singing of his father at an early age, as well as his love for Chicago Blues. Alabama Mike is embarking upon a bright future. He is an artist that anybody that has any interest in the Blues will soon notice.

The Day to Day CD features the talents of Steve Freund; RJ Misho, John Nemeth; Charles Wheal, Chris Burns as well as members of his band, Third Degree.

Thanks Ms. Jacqueline for giving us all a taste of Alabama Mike

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