Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jazz Unlike Any Other - Rashaan Roland Kirk

Today we remember Rashaan Roland Kirk - a Jazz and Horn Virtuoso.  Kirk is remembered for his amazing ability to play multiple parts on multiple horns in his mouth simultaneously. Yes Simultaneously.  don't believe us, take a look at the pic above which was taken during one of his performances.

Today join us and take a moment to listen to his soothing sounds. Then remember when you last heard music this smooth. This is for the True Music Lover.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (August 7, 1936 - December 5, 1977):  Rahsaan was an American jazz multi-instrumentalist, playing tenor saxophone, flute and other reed instruments.  He was perhaps best known for his vitality on stage, where virtuoso improvisation was accompanied by comic banter, political ranting and his famous ability to play a number of instruments simultaneously.  Kirk was also very political, using the stage to talk on black history, civil rights and other issues, which he was always capable of tipping over into high comedy.  He went blind at an early age due to poor medical treatment.

If you love Jazz, support live music where you find it; and remember to buy a cd to support the artists efforts to bring you this wonderful gift of spirit in sound.


msladydeborah said...

My hometown has produced some amazing jazz talent over the years.

Rashaan was an amazing talent. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was a child. He was very nice and friendly.

In Columbus the Eastside is known as the Craddle of Jazz because so many musicians grew up in that area and went on to gain national and international acclaim.

I'm glad to see Rashaan's talent is being highlighted here.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Wow I didn't know you were from columbus Ms Deborah. it's truly a place of talent and art. Rashaan Roland Kirk is one of the most interesting jazz artists and composers I've ever heard. I saw him once in concert and it was marvelous. when he played the two saxaphones simultaneously it blew everyone in the audience away - including me. he gained a lifelong fan that night. Glad we could highlight one of your favs.