Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Wednesday - Bangs got a commercial ? ohhelltothenawwww

Meet Bangs - uh ruhhh Bangs The Great, as he calls himself. He is one of  the reasons I avoid Facebook like the plague.  as many of you have already surmised Mr Bangs here is a Rapper of sorts. anyway, watch this video and then read the story below.  I have said wayyyyy to much already and believe me this will be repented for later this week.

No Do Not Ask Me ANYTHING at all..
thatisall; I am done (smdh)

FROM - Before Kat Stacks had the whole Internet going nuts, ya boy Bangs the Great was serving hip-hop fans with the Planters and popcorn. At the top of the year, the Australian rapper by way of Sudan was an online sensation thanks to his ultra-catchy, yet super-hated on song, “Take U to Da Movies,” complete with its green screened video.

For better or worse, Bangs had the people’s ear. You couldn’t go to a hip-hop related site without seeing mention of the international phenom. While most hated on the 19-year-old, who only had learned English five years ago, there were some that saw potential in his catchy hooks. There were various rumors of various U.S.-based labels had reached out expressing interest in signing him, but last April Bangs signed a distribution deal with HSM Entertainment to release his debut album, Hard to Be Up.

With his hit single available on iTunes and via his website, it looked like Bangs was not just taking ’em to the movies but the bank too. Then, as quickly as he had appeared on the scene, he was gone—but not for long.

Last week, Bangs reemerged online as part of the marketing plan for the new Honda Jazz. Featured in the automaker’s latest “Jazz Packing” commercial, Bangs and his self-produced track were back in the spotlight—bigger and deffer than before. Given the international star’s recent strides, used up its daytime minutes to get in contact with Bangs to find out what he’s been up to and where he’s going to take the game next. - click here to read the entire interview over at

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