Friday, August 27, 2010

Gaga Goes Down.. Literally

Take a look at the boots, the chaps and the cape - What is wrong with this picture ?
This is Lady Gaga in London's Heathrow Airport recently. saying she was on a trip puts it rather mildly. she always appears to be on something or another to us.  
This Trip she was spotted wearing Leather Chapstyle Platform Frankenstein Boots, with a Full Dragging Leather Train..
She appears to be over 6 feet tall in these elevators. yes that's what you see. take a look and you can see it all. what we want to know is why would someone make something like this ? That person and Gaga need to be duct taped together and velcro'd to a bulletin board at Parsons.  Uuuhhh Ruuhhhh Fashiona, where are you ?

Newsflash Gaga, there is no invisible rope to grab - You Are Going Dooownnnnnnn Drama Queen

Loook at her expression, it's almost as though a bubble above her head should read
"Oooooh Oooooohhhhh,,,, We're Going Downnnnnnnn."

Now look at the way she's falling. the boots are obviously going one way and she's going the other. notice all those people around her, who appear to be her entourage. why didn't they grab her before this happened ? the man to her left is priceless. his face clearly says "You Knew Betta". the Girl to her right just dips her head and keeps walking as though she is no longer with Gaga. but she clearly is, since she is also walking through the airport in her underwear. Damn is there no rule about this state of attire in public accomodations ?  It almost seems like the Fashion Gods are throwing her down for intentional stupidity and bad taste. 

BAM Bust Yo Head to the White Meat You Silly Fashionutsta

Well that just goes to show you that even the fabulously clumsy fall like the rest of us, when we wear fooly wang gear.

Gaga Stop Trying to Be A Spectacle All the Time.  You're becoming boring,


JamericanSpice said...

I wonder what else she'll come up with.

To date I've only listen to one of her songs and it's the telephone since everyone was talking about it.

Girl has talent, but what gives? Maybe if she doesn't do this shockification part, people will not take notice?

JamericanSpice said...

Very interesting blog you have here. I like it.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey There JamericanSpice. Thanks for the visit. Gaga is to GAG for.. literally. she has catchy hits much like dancehall stars. yet none of her music seems destined for the historybooks. she's like a looooong one hit wonder. and I'm still wondering Why ?