Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Todays' trash is tomorrows Why - the Chippy D Tapes

Can you imagine the pain that Laurence Fishburne must be in right now. seeing these tapes certainly had to break his heart. more alike the pain was compounded when We found out how far his daughter Montana had slipped into the dark street lifestyle. sadly it has captured the attention of black hollywood and everybody in the porn and pimpin game.

Check Out the Reality of What Made Chippy D Turn into a Prostitute / Porn Star in the words of Her Friend and "Co-Hoe" Nene

Now this is Her Friend, and she is telling you what She and Chippy are doing now and what they did. to think that Montana left her fathers home to move in with Jeremy the Pimp, and become Chippy D the Hoe is just sad, honestly it's really sad.

Lets All Keep Chippy D / Montana Fishburne and Laurence Fishburne in our thoughts positively. One day hopefully this will be a forgotten memory of what caused Chippy D to become Montana Again.

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msladydeborah said...

I have read that Montana has a very strained relationship with her parents. She was put out by her dad.

It is really disturbing to see how she decided to resolve the economic problem.

RE Ausetkmt said...

I also hear that she started to get wild around 16 years old which is when she met this Jeremy guy. she's so young to be destroying herself this way. one can only wish and pray that she survives this and has no permanent damage from it. I'm sure Laurence Fishburne is beside himself. apparently her mom was so fed up that Laurence Put Montana out. wow that's the limit when your mom says it's enough.

I remember her as a lil kid, when they lived a few doors from my sister on Venice Beach. then they moved into the colony in Malibu and I used to see them at Trancas market; when we lived on the Hill in Malibu. she was such a cute lil girl. it's so sad to see her this way.