Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Diggin in the Crates to remind y’all bout THE SUSS, IT’S ON SATURDAY

HEYYYYYYYY What’s Up With All Our Webites !!!!!!!!

Lady D and Mama ASID want to remind unu that The Suss will be returning to DAPowerhouse Radio this Saturday. we’re going to do a wind up to remind you about some of the stories that we have simmerin down inna di dutchpot.

Do You Remember This Show ???? It was in June of 2009 – and trust us it was more fun than being on vacation with us; in Jamaica MON.  Just Take a moment and listen to the chat and get your memory caps on because The Suss will be Live This Saturday With Lady D – and You Want to Tune In.

Remember This  ???

Have you ever noticed that Politics Stinks; and sometime it’s Rotten from the inside. We resumed Political Suss this week with Gusto.  “Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption” – to quote the great rasta singer and philosopher Isiah Mentor.

It’s Time for the SUSS – Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption AGAIN

Thursday, June 4, 2009
This episode we find ourselves refreshing from a few stories we did when we left off last season

  • Is Ninja Man a True Ninja ? – This is for Next Weeks Podcast, because we are shocked at his arrest and detention for not being a Ninja..WOW !
Lady D and Mama  
ASID burn out Corruption“Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption”, AGAIN

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Lisa said...

Finally I dropped some words here. it's been long time since my visit one of your blogs. thank you so much and i appreciate your visit and marked the post i made. Yes we used clothesline since we were in the Philippines.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Nice to See You Lisa. Glad to see you are enjoying life in the Philippines and especially the natural pleasures. oh how I envy your lifestyle. thanks for the comment.