Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Ma Birthday It's Ma Birthday !

Happy Earthborn Strong to the BadGal -It's A Beautiful Day to Be Born and to Live. 
All Thanks to the Most High for My Livity
All in all 2010 has been a marvelous year so far. filled with good tidings, constant renewals and challenges that rewarded us. Gifts of goodness are the kind that we most cherish; like good health, good spirit, and good life. the chance to see a little more of the wonder of this lifetime. That is truly a Gift, The Present of Today that we receive Each Day We Are Here on this Planet.

We've received a wonderful Gift - so wonderful that we had to take it out and play with it today. We'll be shooting a video of the entire event to let you see just how we roll, literally. Gifts are always what everybody wants on their birthday and usually we expect some tokens of appreciation from those we love, but I got the Ultimate Driving Machine; from My BadBwoy.

Yes He Got the BadGal a BadRide

We've been together through thick and thin. from the begining he knew that I was a struggler, and didn't like those who didn't struggle to get what they want. I believe that Dreams are possibilities that you can Manifest if you so desire. Hard work and Perseverance, Patience and Gratefulness are the best tools for a life filled with gifts; from a higher plane.

We met when I was leaving town to start over in Atlanta in 83'. I moved on to Florida, but still when I came to town, I checked for him. He told me the other day, that was what made him realize how serious of a woman I am. Then when I returned to complete my MS at MSU in Lansing, I came back to see him, and he was happy to see me.

I'd drive down from Lansing about once a month to visit my family and see him; until I graduated. the day I did I was so out of Lansing. I asked him if he would help me move back to the D and that was it. we've been together ever since.

Over the years, which are now decades; we've had alot of cars, and been alot of places; always together. I'm glad that Patience was the key that made this all possible; because it also gave me another wonderful gift - A Livitity of Productiveness and Pride. Something that I'm sure my Ancestors expected, and can now see. That's what it's all about when you reach my age. Uhhhh Ruhh (side-eye), and no I'm not gonna say what that magic number is because it makes absolutely no difference.


Thats Right, BadGalsRadio's rollin out on the road in the new staff car; heading south. We plan to be on the road more this fall. You can expect to hear about us doing live events in Atlanta during the fall - at the Cumberland Mall.

We've also got a live special planned for Halloween from Miami Beach Yacht Club; on a Yacht; with Crisis Productions. HAWTTTTT, and of course we'll be doing lots from the D. So Keep It Locked Right HERE. You Know That The BadGals Love Ya !

Today In addition to our customary gift of a  Fancy Virtual Cupcake we give you the gift of Free and Fantastique New Music from Citizen K - with JaSoul; a hot new group out of Mobay Jamaica Mon. Check This Out Mi Peeples, You get both the Riddim; and then one of the tracks in a download.

Me and U on the Fallen Riddim

Montego Bay, Jamaica based JaSoul returns with their new single on the Citizen K Productions label, entitled Me & U. Featuring their strong R & B influence over a unique mid-tempo riddim track, JaSoul provides a distinctive dancehall style of their own. Me & U not only provide a smooth vibe for the ladies, but hits hard enough for the most critical of dancehall listeners out there.

Produced by Kevin “Spyda” Brown, Me & U is a solid follow up to JaSoul's successful Citizen K debut single, Falling (Fallen Riddim, CKP003EP). JaSoul looks to build on the impressive notoriety for Falling, which included multiple spins and top 5 charting in U.S. based record pools and airplay on Jamaica’s ZIP FM.

Look for this new single to be released on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody and other fine retailers everywhere in July 27, 2010. Download the broadcast-ready 320K MP3s below and Let us know what you think as feedback is always welcomed.

Track List

1 - Me & U (Radio Edit)

2 - Me & U (Instrumental)

Single-ZIP file download

Citizen K Productionshttp://www.citizenkpro.com

We Hope that Each and Everyone of You has an absolutely Fantastique Day and Gives Thanks for What You Have - The Present.
Be Sure to Show Your Love and Leave Us Your Birthday Wishes - and Blessings in the Comments.
We'll See You on Thursday with tape of the event,

Bless Up Good Peeples,


msladydeborah said...

Best wishes and blessings throughout the year to you!

FishHawk said...

Well, it would appear that there is no need to wish you a Happy Birthday. For you are already having one! WOO HOO!!!

politicus said...

Well, well, well...Happy Birthday to you. Many happy returns and enjoy that car, babe!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Ms Deborah Thank You Very Much Sweetness.

RE Ausetkmt said...

FishHawk, Whooo Hoooo Is Right !
Thanks for the Huge Load of Chips. They're the ultimate birthday snackfood, for a road warrior.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Politicus, you know after our discussion last year on my waffling on the car; this year there was no waffling, just cream. Thanks Much !

askcherlock said...

Well, belated Happy Birthday RE! I wish you all the best as you deserve only the best. You bring such love and joy and you are a gift to all who know you. Cheers, BadGal!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey There Cher, Thanks Loads. it was a great blessed event.anytime you hit a new figure you have more work to do, and things to be grateful for. Thanks Much. The Dress was beautiful and quite comfy I might add.