Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help Save Millions - Snitch On This Bitch EERYBODY

WANTED by ICC – OMAR al-Bashir; call 1 800 GENOCIDE for Instant Reward

If You Missed the News, here’s a flash from the ICC.
Finally the ICC Has Issued a New Arrest Warrant for Omar al-Bashir. his genocidal reign over Darfur is about to come to an end.
July 12 (Reuters) – The International Criminal Court issued a second arrest warrant on Monday for Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for the crime of genocide.

Yes, We can all help make that Appearance in the Hague happen by making One Phone Call..
Do Not Let Him Forget – This is His Promise

Yes just one call – to let President Barack Obama know that we want Bashir In the Docks Today. No More Stalling. it’s time for Darfur to be resolved; if ever. President Obama says that it’s on his list of things to accomplish. we suggest that instead of exhausting american military resources in Afghanistan and Iraq; that they move the front to Sudan.

Here’s a bit of background footage should you need a refresher

It’s time that Americas’ warmongering be FOR the right reasons. Human Rights and Human Lives. There is nothing left to do, except Pick Him Up and Deliver Him to the ICC in the Hague. He like all genocidalists deserves his day in court. He has a right to Face His Victims and Hear the horrors he has supported and allowed.

It’s Time Friends – Please Take a Moment and Make That Call



FishHawk said...

Please don't take this as piling on. For I was told that President Obama would not be as good as his supporters hoped before he got elected, but I fully expected him to at least try to do some more things, such as helping to end the genocide in Darfur. Another thing that popped into my head a couple of days ago was about New Orleans still being in such a mess. After all, how many thousands of jobs would it generate if he took a personal interest in doing what President Bush's administration so woefully ignored?

RE Ausetkmt said...

FishHawk you are very astute. hopefully he will take the time to do just that. because someone needs to do it. this country can't continue to support all the untaxed, and tax relieved; rich folks that bush put into financial control of our economy.

imagine if the wallstreeters paid their fair share ? that in itself would right the budget crisis imediately.

no doubt somewhere in the back of his (pres. Obama) mind, is a beach chair on a secluded beach, after he's through with this mess.