Sunday, July 11, 2010

Massive Music from Massicker PLUS His POD 313 Interview with Mama ASID

For Them who don't know, This is Massicker
We first met Massicker about 5 years ago, on the TCOOO Blog; making it clear that he was a man of conviction and presence. Massicker is a very talented youth from the Boston area, who began his career as a Reggae DJ spinning and not singing. Like many famous singers, all of his talents were revealed in time; and this is the first look at King Massicker in Wide Circulation. 
Yes Ladies He Is Single and Ready to Mingle

Back in 2007 Massicker and Mama ASID sat down for a chat and it was fabulous. you can check it out here.

This cd is sure to be a big hit for Massicker and the TCOOO Crew. Large Up Ya'selves cause you working hard to keep it level. Nuff Respect to Massicker and Brother Bookman of TCOOO. we suggest you rush right over to ITunes and download the entire CD because it's FYRE !


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