Monday, July 19, 2010

Funny or Not - You Decide

It's Time to Play Funny Or Not -

this is the concentration camp line dance - they call it the Holocaust Survival Dance.

This is NOT Funny People, regardless of what you may thing - THIS IS NOT FUNNY.
Okayyyy I Lied, it's worth a lil chuckle. ahhhh go ahead. but know that many other people don't think this is funny. this man survived the nazi holocaust and if he wants to dance about it, why should we throw shade - I say, Do It My Boy, Shake a Leg.

I am personally more concerned about this next video - which effects me more personally since I eat shrimp regularly.

Please Keep Your Drugs Out of Our Seafood

This video is absolutely sad. this woman has no self esteem but the worlds title for largest artificial boobs. why would she risk her life to be a plastic queen ? We send her our best wishes for a quick recovery from the Deadly Staph Infection which is raviging her body; because of the new implants she received in Brazil.
when we saw this story, we were first shocked - now we're sad, what about you ?

Now You Tell Us - Which One Is Funny

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