Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why do Leopards want to remove their spots, after they've been spotted ?

Do You Remember This Clown ?

Nazi Assasin asks for tattoo removal before prison asswhippings begin – What ?

 Listen to this bs, He is now asking to have his tattoos removed BEFORE he goes to prison. WTF is he talking about ?

Remember that this is the asswipe who wanted to ride up on President Obama in a convertible in a white tux and top hat; then open fire. He wanted to finish up his rampage by shooting at least 100 unnamed Blackfolks with multiple versions of automatic weapons, still from the convertible in a white tux and top hat.  we wrote about his stupidity and it is still one of our most popular posts

Please Somebody Shut The Noise..

somebody hand me a hot pot of grits, and I promise to do the job and feed him in the process – all for the nominal fee of $3.17 cents.  yes that’s just enough for the grits and some butter. I believe that grits always deserve butter; and since it supposedly is a remedy for a grit burn; we can call it a part of the fixins.

Yeah Fixins..

Lets fry some chicken while we’re at it, and call up the rest of the klan and have ourselves a good ole’ Picnic. yeah I said Picnic. we can pick their tatooed asses up from prison and take em out to a large area where we can either broast or fry and stew them down. why wait for them to die in prison ? they’re not coming out anyway so lets just make gravy, biscuits and have a colonels feast; fit for a nazi.

This is about the most ludicrous, yes Ludicrous not ludacris things I’ve ever heard. Everybody knows that this has run through many folks minds. these kids right here, these kids right here - need to be fried. and I mean in mazola canola oil, so it’s nice and healthy. then you can feed them to their folks; like cartman did on that episode of southpark where he feeds his enemy his OWN Parents in chili. yeahhh..

How Bout it Folks, Anybody Hungry for a Thigh ?

Skinhead Asks Feds To Pay For Nazi Tattoo Removal Before Prison:

Huffington Reports that Daniel Cowart, who plead guilty to 8 federal charges, including a plot to assassinate President Barack Obama and over 100 black people, has requested that he be moved to a county jail in Tennessee to undergo tattoo alterations before he is sent to federal prison, reports to The Jackson Sun.
The 21-year-old has a tattoo of an iron cross on his chest, as well as a swastika tattooed on his shoulder and is worried that they will draw the unwanted attention of other inmates while he is incarcerated.

The U.S. Marshals Service has objected to Cowart’s request for the cosmetic procedure, arguing that it would set an unwelcome precedent, reports the Sun:
In their response, they said, “The Marshals Service is wary of setting a precedent whereby they are obligated to devote substantial resources to transporting and escorting inmates between facilities for the purposes of voluntary cosmetic surgery.”

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askcherlock said...

The Marshall is "wary"? Why would this even be considered? Leave the tattoo on and let him find out what real survival is.