Friday, July 23, 2010

The A the T the L - That's Right it's HotLanta Time !

The A the T the L the A the n the t the A - That's Right it's HotLanta !

We'll be working the ATL Circuit this weekend and this is our itinerary. If You're In the ATL You can Link Us 561-584-9079 for info on our guest stops.

Saturday 7/24/2010
7/24 - Mama ASID will be Co Hosting the Lady D Show on DAPowerhouseradio 12 -2 pm. Call In for a chance to win Signed CD's and an Invite to the Ital Dinner with Mama and Mecca. Call In to the Lady D Show (706 955-2001) or click here to listen in live

7/24 - BadGals Reggae Break At The Initiators Giftshop in Cumberland Mall 7 - 9pm. CD Giveaways and Drawing for the Ital Dinner.

Sunday 7/25/2010

7/25 - The Ital Dinner with Mama and Mecca 3pm
7/25 - The Warrior Queen Mothers Day Hailabration 6pm

Monday 7/26/2010
7/26 - Elberton Georgia Special Show from the Georgia Guidestones

Tuesday 7/27/2010
7/27 - BadGals Reggae Break with Isiah Mentor at The Initiators Giftshop in Cumberland Mall 11am - 1pm CD Signing and Giveaways

remember to rsvp to 561.584.9079


askcherlock said...

I love Atlanta1 but Girl, it is so good to have you 'home'!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Thanks Sugar, and you know I'm glad to be here.