Friday, July 16, 2010

Reminisce with us today - Trouble T-Roy we will never forget you

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Many of us have forgotten the legacy of Hip-Hop and the Founders. today we remember Trouble T-Roy Dixon of The Boys; Heavy D's Backup Group. you see twenty years ago in Cleveland, Trouble T Fell off a ramp to his death. it was unbelievable when I heard it. how could he just fall to his death that way if he was with his folks ?

well just like all youth, they were playing and boom he misstepped onto the edge of a ramp, which was in essence two stories high. why there was no encasement to protect against these types of accidents is still a mystery. but one fact remains - we lost a very talented man.

check out our favorite video on Remembering the Life of Trouble T. by C L Smooth and Pete Rock. We Reminisce,

Here's To You Trouble T - You'll always be with us in our hearts lil bro.

Why do the Good Die So Young ?

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