Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today We Need to Forget Ourselves; Others Are In Need

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Who Deserves Human Rights?


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With 80 percent of Haitians living in abject poverty, many children are forced to work against their will in homes, fields, gangs and as prostitutes. As many as 200,000 are the victims of human trafficking.

But there is a solution: microfinance. »

These children are driven into trafficking for economic reasons. Reducing poverty, therefore, would help stop this slave trade in children.

It's simple really: through microfinance, small loans enable hard-working women to open small businesses that let them feed and shelter their families. Just a few dollars a day in added income can mean children do not have to be forced into work. Instead, they can go to school and be healthy.

Former President Clinton is the UN Special Envoy to Haiti. At the top of his priorities is sustainable job creation. Tell him that there is no better way to protect Haiti's children and create sustainable jobs than microfinance. »

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Lift Haiti's Children
Out of Servitude

We can make a difference in Haiti.
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Microfinance can help break the cycle of poverty and keep children out of the hands of traffickers.
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Today We Join Our Blogs with many others for International Human Rights Day. Take a Moment and Consider what Your Freedom means and what you will do to Keep It.

Freedom for ALL, Globally

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RE Ausetkmt said...

We Never forget those who have died in the quest for freedom; which was their death. had a special tonite on the trap of cocaine to africans; specifically in italy. it was shocking. expect us to post that in the coming weeks -including the video.