Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mary Mary Why You Buggin ?

People have said Mary J Blige slapped her hubby Kendu Isaacs at her release party in NYC this past week. we searched the internet until we found it. yes this is the actual footage of the whole incident; including the slap. it looks like a really good party. you see lots of industry folks there - even  Beyaki, Jay -Z and  Irv Gotti are clearly enjoying the party.  then something goes wrong; all of a sudden you see Mary's head jerk.. Why ?

Watch and Make the decision - did she slap him or not ?

Pay attention closely at the 1:07 - 1:10 mark, as Mary's head jerks from the motion. it is apparent from all the movement that something just happened drastic. look at their facial expressions. something is really happening.
Kendu is seperated from Mary's brother by club security; then they all exit the club. you don't see them enter the limo or walking together but the NY Papers report that they went home together.  Wowwwww,,

that may prove more than anything that there is more to this than meets the eye. we'll be keeping this pot on the fire and watchin it simmer; because no doubt there's smoke when you see this much fire.

Wow Mary, Why You Buggin ?

we know that Mary has a history of physical abuse and violence; but we thought that with this marriage to Kendu,  she had put all that behind her. especially since that seems to be the focus of her latest release.  Mary Please take a little time and get some counseling. think about what this looks like to your fans.  we all love you and your new release will be a top seller - "Stronger with Each Tear."

this is from the NY Daily News, which seems like a clean up job

Mary J. Blige wants to damp down the drama over that fight at her record release party Tuesday night.

Contrary to claims that the hip-hop diva punched her husband, Kendu Isaacs, at a Chelsea club, Blige tells the Daily News she was simply trying to stop a brawl between Isaacs and her brother.

"Mary was not fighting with her husband," said Blige spokeswoman Karynne Tencer. "Her husband and her brother got into an altercation that turned into a fight. Mary went to break up the fight."

Blige had hoped the public wouldn't hear about the ugly scene at M2 Ultralounge, where she was celebrating her new album, "Stronger with Each Tear."

But after sources claimed she had smacked Isaacs because he was supposedly flirting with a waitress, Blige decided to set the record straight, Tencer said.

The publicist said the couple is celebrating Christmas with their three children on the East Coast.

"They're as happy as can be," Tencer said.



geez...I hope it was all a misunderstanding. Merry christmas and a happy new year, babe

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Sis, I think it was more serious than anybody wants to think. we do not usually hit our men in public, unless it's fallen to a no respect level, seen ?

this looks really bad. I honestly hope they have a better 2010 and put this behind them. the last thing we need is another celebrity divorce.

Happy Holidays to You and the Crew