Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nuts and Honeys Anybody ?

Red Fendi Heels

Wow Shaunie You Got Some Bad Azz Shoes On Girlll..

I wonder who she thinks believes that crap about her and Shaq.. uhh ruhhh Shaunie, too late baby we already know the real deal. now you need to up your producer game so you can walk the walk; since you talkin the talk. just be sure that you keep wearin them shoes girl, cause they make sure everybody knows You are LARGE and Totally in charge, lil momma.

Our Advice - Shaunie, Do It Big Girlfriend ; cause you got a golden key and the combination to the safe.

The Wedding - Snoop and Shante Remarry

Then We Have Mr. Snoop Dogg Dizzle talkin bout who runs the house.

Yes Barbara we know he means it - cause he's talking bout it everywhere. This is the Re-Marriage picture. apparently the single life wasn't all that for the dogg.. like most puppys he ran back to the dog house as quickly as he could get that doggy door back open.

That Was A Very Smart Move Big Doggy,

Congrats to Snoop on his accomplishments of recent - being named CEO of Priority Records. this should be a dream job for Snoop since he will be working with the industry he helped to create. maybe some of that new fresh music will slowly begin to creep out of the west.

We also send a Big Hey MON ! to The Dizzle on his Football league and the Upcoming Championships. we have watched his teams grow from pee wee football, to a school league. that type of family activity provides a safe healthy alternative to the kids in the area; who choose not to engage in violence as an outlet.
As you can see, Once Again - Tiger seems to be the hottest topic on most of the recent talk shows - Hmmm, Wonder Why ? some are saying Tiger is on Suicide Watch; because Elin has her legal team doing a forensic analysis, of their finances and his earnings. heaven forbid they don't add up.

lets just say, he betta call tyrone..

In Keeping with the holiday spirit, we wrap up with another of those resistent stars, who is still not sure who she really is - Mariah Carey.

Yes the Incredible Mimi was on George Lopez recently and she took the opportunity to spout off about her DNA Issues. apparently she sees' the fact that her dad's dna makes her Black, as an issue that she's just learning how to accept. however she has lived her life as the daughter of an Irish Woman.

Mimi says that "In America post slavery if you have one drop of Black Blood you are Black." but in some other places in the world, she is apparently Not Black. Mimi why you refuse to take the DNA test Baby Girl.. especially after talking all this "multiethnicmumbojumbo"..

Huh ?

Please somebody check her mouthwash, and call the clinic. it seems that old glitter is resurfacing. Mimi You are just Too Damn Magical for us.

Seriously Mimi Honey, Don't you realize that you can't emotionally appeal Your Dna by country baby ?

Only Mimi, Only Mimi,

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The Guys said...

First of all "ROCKIN SHOES" Second of all, Mariah Carey has always seemed a bit lost to me.

My father was Indian and my mother American, but I never seemed to have a problem figuring out who I was or who I am. Yes, maybe her situation is more complicated, but she needs to do a lot of internal soul searching. Part of the problem of being a celeb who believes THE HYPE!

Happy Holidays!!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Heyyyy Guys, Yeah those shoes are to represent the really boss shoes Shaunie is wearing on the Wendy Show.

You know we are alll about the bosslady shoes. we've got our share so we're flashin shaunie's.

Yeah Mariah is a bonified bowl of Nut and Honeys, without a doubt. when she started rambling about her father like he was in a foreign country, I wanted to slap the tele. Mariah needs meds, cause she has no sense of what not to say on tv; to alienate most of her audience.

She Must Know By Now that "She's Black" Right ?

Happy Holidays Guys