Monday, December 21, 2009

FIFA Is NUTS says The Mayor of Capetown; We Agree

South Africa is going NUTZ Forreal. We agree with the mayor of Capetown. there is no reason for anyone to use this event to promote prostitution; as is apparent from this latest crap for content from the condom merchandisers.

isn't it time we stopped using every opportunity to prostitute humanity ?

A woman holding condoms in South Africa
South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV
A suggestion that South African condoms should be branded with footballs during the 2010 World Cup is "nuts", Cape Town's mayor has said.
The proposal, by lobby groups working with prostitutes, is part of a debate around plans to try to prevent HIV/Aids spreading during the tournament.
The South Africa National Aids Council and Sex World Education Advocacy Group also wants prostitution decriminalised.
But Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato is resisting such calls.
"I'm not in favour of legalising prostitution; I'm very worried about young girls who prostitute themselves standing in the streets," South Africa's Pretoria News paper quotes him as saying.
"I think they (Sanac and Sweat) are nuts thinking they can somehow promote prostitution through the World Cup."
Some 5.2m South Africans have HIV - the highest number of people living with the virus in one country in the world.
An estimated 450,000 visitors are expected to visit South Africa for the World Cup which starts in June next year.

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