Monday, December 7, 2009

MM: Padded up and Bouncin the Flo - It's Divadiculous

"I'm Like a Machine; I forget that other people have to eat and other people have to use the restroom.."

Beyaki Have You Lost your Mind ?

this video is all about the 13 things that they hate about Beyaki's live tour. the thing we hate about it is that She Is Wearing a Lacefront and Pattycakes. OOohhhhh Beyaki,,,when will you get real girlfriend ?

Then we have the gymnastics by Ms. Lopez at the AMA's.

watch carefully as she busts her behind at the 3:05 mark

she recovers and starts to sing "I'm Walking It Out Now.." yeah bish we know you are after a booty bump like that. she betta be glad she didn't have on them louboutins. you could tell by the look on her face and the dancers faces, that this was a SLIP. the look on Mark Anthonys' face is priceless at the end of the video; as he obviously knows she's busted her goods.

J-Lo next time, we advise you to GET LOW and Shake it like a Salt Shaker.

Today we flipped the script and gave it to you Padded up and Bouncin the Flo - Because these Women are Divadiculous. For those of you who don't know what Divadiculous is - it's the ability to see yourself as a Diva when others think you're Ridiculous. Yeah,
You Know it's Music Monday, but that doesn't mean you'll enjoy it, because Honestly We Didn't

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That name "Beyaki" always cracks me up. How you doing, girlfriend? You know Fela's son, Femi Kuti just got nominated for a grammy?

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Girl, How Yoouuu Doin ?
when ever I see Bey with all that Padding and Fake Hair flyin around it looks like a tranny fight. somebody needs to tell her that she is a poor imitation of herself. Whoops ! We saw that Femi is nominated and we're confident that He Will WIN !!!

thanks for the visit and the comment sweets. how's the babies ?

Dorothy L said...

LOL....Good Lord...what next or should I even ask?

I read stats on the latest bling maker of cosmetic surgery seems that silicone buttox is widely topping off the list of the next media's idea of the hottest body part today :)

Cannot even imagine sitting on those puppies:)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Ms D. How Youuuuu Doin Girl ?
what is also hot is the infections folks are getting from those bootay injections. apparently they have become fabu since it was revealed that Kanye's Girl Amber Rose; gets her tox shot up on the regular. then again she's a Professional Skripper. so them tox are a tool of the trade. like Her Moneymakers.

I think it's crazy; but then again I'm ample in all them places. never would I even consider augmenting my stuff, cause somebody thought it wasn't the right size. they can move on to the next side of tox if they didn't like these taters.

girlllll never yet has a man complained about my tox being anything, but unavailable when they wanted em. (wink*wink)

Dorothy L said...

Hey RE...keep that self-acceptance gold and never let it go. There are way too many women out there that identify their worth through media and partners idea of what is acceptable :)

To be genuine and Unique is what true sexy is all about :)

RE Ausetkmt said...

To be genuine and Unique is what true sexy is all about :)

Never Wiser Words Ms D. Thanks !

Staci said...

Was it me, or did Beyonce's eyes look a little crazy in that video, like not blinking crazy? Kind of reminded me of Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest, especially once she started slinging her head.

The woman can sing, but her fashion sense has always been a little questionable, at least IMO.The underwear shot just proves it.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Staci, Beyaki is a concoction of stuff and thangs. you can see it from the yak on her head to the jello on her bootay. so the joan crawford stare could be part of that Sasha Fierce persona.

one of these days she's gonna sling her head so hard them clip ins are gonna start flying into the audience. heaven forbid the jello gets too hot and explodes from one of those power thrusts.

she's gonna need to be a billionairess to keep up all that plastique after she starts poppin out them lil camels.

Whooo HA !