Friday, December 11, 2009

FF: Ladies Do Your Drapes Match Your Carpet ?

Yes that question is not an ordinary decorators question; but more of a Lady Clairol question, if you get me,
Sitting waiting for a table in a restaurant recently, we overheard some men talking about the women in their lives; and the conversation was on of all things - Hair. yes Hair. but not just any hair. the men were talking about if the Womens Drapes (hair on her head) Matched her Carpet (hair on your personal parts).

Whoooo HA !

Talk About Deep, and Leaning - these men had me about to roll on the floor. so today we ask you  

Ladies - Does Your House Have the Same Color Scheme, or are you doing a lil custom decorating ?

Amazingly the White men said that they didn't know the real color of their womens' hair until they saw her nude and in the shower. two of them said they didn't really know if it was all their womens hair after seeing the new wigs and clip in hair thing that's hitting the white beauty market finally. that's crazy. they said that All White Women Colored Their Hair. Somehow I doubt that. 

Infact I'm curious to know how many of my Female Visitors Do Actually Color Your Hair

The Blackmen in the conversation said they were unsure of their womens hair peroid, as they wondered in lots of cases if the womens' hair Was Real or My Indian Hair - yessss,,,, Sistawomen We got the mens confuzzled.  the question of color with the Blackmen was simple - they assumed that with that much action going on up there; that there had to be color and something. most said that they expected the Black women to have hair that was similar to what they remember their moms' having naturally - underneath their hair.

What ? Underneath their hair ? apparently the men think that the women have two types of hair; which explains why they have no expectation as to the Carpet and Drapes matching. What the.. Had I known this about thirty fiiive years ago, I shoooo wouldn'ta took all them trips to the hairdresser to be initiated into the sisterhood of Miss Clairol.  actually it was Creme of Nature; since I am after all a woman of color.

one of the men commented on how he didn't know if all women had carpet these days since his wife didn't. apparently she's had it removed, or keeps "Her Floors Waxed" if you know what he means. Whew ! that's just too high maintanance to be real; or useful. and no she's not a supermodel but a suburban soccer mom.

I hope that you will spend a moment and give us a few clicks to figure out if there is a difference in how women of certain ethnicitys decorate. Some how I'm curious to see how many folks will answer such a personal question. even though it's clearly visible when you're on the chemicals. I admit that I do use the stuff myself, and probably will continue. the color change for me is all about accenting my Green and or Hazel eyes; and Light Brown skin. Somehow it just became a part of who I am.

The Curlylocks Redhead with Green Eyes,

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Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Funny! This reminds me of a conversation I had with some white friends when I was in college. We were talking about whether our drapes matched the carpet (much more graphic descriptions though...), and I asked the redhead if her hair color was the same down there. Well I guess she got a little offended and she asked me if my hair down there was nappy....I guess the only root she could go was the racial one. I never forgot that...

RE Ausetkmt said...

Patrice its' amazing to think that she would be so nasty in such a comical conversation. I actually believe you may have hit her right between the eyes, in more ways than one. and this is 2009; sad to say this is still going on.

Staci said...

Okay, I'm going to be brave and answer your question.

Let's just say that my carpet and drapes are in the same color family. Does that count? Thanks to Garnier Nutrisse my drapes have a little more red than the carpet.

On a side note, if you want the carpets and drapes to match, they now make a carpet dye called My Betty specifically approved for carpets. I saw it on that talk show The Doctors. I wouldn't recommend the drapes stuff. I'm guessing you could cause some serious chemical burns to the carpets or the, um, hardwood floors underneath.