Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Could This Be" Boom Bye Bye" for Buju ?

New Updates on Buju Banton's Cocaine Case have surfaced today.

it contains copius amounts of info on the entire case. apparently this took place over the course of several days; and Buju was only present on one of those days. according to the complaint, he was apparently present when the dope was first tasted; but not at the actual purchase or delivery actions. this seems the only thing that could get him off if he gets off.  it looks bad for Buju.

earlier today I heard my first Buju in jail joke, and it was dreadful.

Buju Hire The Best Lawyer You Can Get, Because after reading This; You're Going to need them.

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ONE of THE GUYS said...

This is the first I heard of this. It must be the time of year and the fact that I'm immersed in the holidays with my kids.

Hope you've been well RE!

I also wanted to comment on the post on your BAD GAL RADIO blog. First of all "ROCKIN SHOES" Second of all, Mariah Carey has always seemed a bit lost to me.

My father was Indian and my mother American, but I never seemed to have a problem figuring out who I was or who I am. Yes, maybe her situation is more complicated, but she needs to do a lot of internal soul searching. Part of the problem of being a celeb who believes THE HYPE!

Happy Holidays!!