Friday, May 8, 2009

OOOOOOOOOOO Weeeee,,look who sent the note

I have solved the mystery of who sent the note to me..

Anyone who participates in the cash out program, now has a reason to consider the security ramifications

I really am like so sure of it because I took my time and looked at the clues closely. ALL of the photos showed the one thing I needed to know - Who ?

yepper, in the upper right corner it shows who's profile is in use at the time the screenshot was made - BOOYAH !

Written by: Acadia

Author: Acadia Name: Acadia Einstein

Name: Acadia Einstein (this is a photo from His MySpace Page)

Hercules Acadia Einstein



About: What can I say that hasn't already been said in premature eulogies and police reports? Well, I am almost supernaturally handsome. I have as many arms as Shiva that Indian Goddess which makes me awesome at ping pong. When I'm not yelling at the staff, I spend my time as a stuffed animal judge. You would be surprised at how many crimes Fusby commits. He's a repeat offender.See Authors Posts (246)

Here's a bit of Advice - The next time anybody wants to test us, Just Remember Baby, we solve mysteries for fun.

Our Motto is "Why Lie".. Get It ?

Also Acadia, smart crooks clean up the leadback evidence before committing the crime.

only a person with inside access COULD leave the cards of those who are deleted from entrecard months ago in a photo to draw interest. that means you have inside backside screenshots from the vault.

Not Nice..
This should be a clear warning to Graham Langdon that he needs to look for his problems in His Own House; instead of those who will slap the truth up with no reticence On A Blog ... Or FEAR of Retribution.

Anyone who participates in the cash out program, now has a reason to consider the security ramifications

that this lil stunt proves exist. do you want a joker having access to your personal identification - including your social security number, and or your pay pal account ?

I'm an esoteric thinker, like my friend Angelika says; and as such my concept goes beyond the obvious to the real intention. I think that's the real point of this exercise - to show us just HOW Wide The Door Is Open on Entrecard's servers. So If You want to give away your money, and personal identification; just throw it up in the air, because that's what this shows you are doing if you enroll in the cash out program and give entrecard all that personal indentification.

So Superficial Gallery,

AWWWWWWWWWW NAWWWW,,,, Don't You know Ugly is exactly That.

So Cause You Did It - I'm Sharing Your Stank ish With The Whole Entrecard Community. Next Playa, Time - Leave Me OUT of Your Schemes and Games.

Fellow Entrecarders Tell Me What you REALLY Think about this real stank. there is obviously now a need for a serious discussion on how safe is using entrecard. we all know the frontside dangers - so maybe it's time to do a lil backside check-up and post the verdict ?

What Do You Think Carders ? Holla At Me -

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The People vs Entrecard: Exhibit A - The Founder Is Not A Blogger.

I Have no idea who sent this to me, since their account was removed from Entrecard By the time I got it.

probably as soon as they started to drop cards today..

check this out - there are clues. some of the blog cards shown in the favs column no longer exist on entrecard; most notibly The Turnip of Power. Hmmmmm ????

This is from 05/05/09 at 01:00 am

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Interesting Read To Say the Least, and the other three posts are also worth a short peek

I posted this on my Main Blog BadGalsRadio and it got a few comments, so I thought more Entrecarders might be interested in trying to help solve the mystery of the Secret Carder - and the Mystery Drop.

I don't think I feel tempted enough to try to find out who wrote this, as It looks like a trap.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exhibit A - The Founder Is Not A Blogger

The Entrecard founder, Graham "Adale" Langdon, claims to know what bloggers want and claims to be acting for bloggers. However, how can one make these claims when one is not a blogger himself?

Here is Mr. Langdon's profile:

Notice at the bottom how there are three "blogs" in his name. The only blog in his name that is active is the one to the far left which is the Entrecard blog. "How to NOT get Cancer" and "" have both since been removed.

The Entrecard blog is hardly a blog at all. It is more a lesson in how to not communicate with your base.

So Graham Langdon, blogger? I don't think so.

at 1:54 AM


MommyKoz said...

I just came from the EC Blog where I was convinced it had been taken over. I can't even click on the drop link over there and everything is out of whack.

Then I read this and now you've really got me thinking!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Mommy You Know things are a lil outta wack around entrecard; and as we can see it all seems to be adding up.

It's Not a Good Feeling

Thanks for your comment