Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Men What would make you Put Panties on your head and Nude Pics on the Net ?

OMG, Why Are Rihanna's Panties on His Head ?

If you want to read the whole story, including seeing the nasty pictures of Rihanna's Naked Behind - you have to go to our main blog, as we dont' want to get bounced off of blogspot for badness. LOL

Oh This is Just a Preview of the WHOLE Nana..

Personally speaking - Ladies, Don't Do It.
Plain and simple you can become the next internet porn star in a moment of drunk anger; or forgetfullness. yeah we said forgetfulness, because he says He Didn't Do It - but why is this pic of him included then ? I say that's pretty clear. he gave the pics to some third party, who is pissed at him and decided to try to ruin him even more, by putting RhiRhi's Nana on the net.

That's just Plain Evil. now if this incident isn't enough for you - then just go ahead and play out your sex life on Twitter and let everybody know how you feel about your stankness.
One thing for sure, you will never be looked at the same way again - Guaranteed.

Chris Brown’s lawyer: Rihanna’s photo poisoned the jury pool

Rihanna Chris Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos filed a motion Wednesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court seeking access to internal LAPD records.

Geragos believes that the photo of a badly beaten Rihanna was illegally leaked to the media by an LAPD officer.

Geragos says the photograph was sold by someone at the LAPD. The shot was all over the Web, and on TV shows and still remains on the TMZ website.

‘’The purpose of the leak was necessarily for profit and to vilify Mr. Brown and poison the potential jury pool,” he told Us Weekly.

Needless to say, Brown’s lawyer feels this is cause for a dismissal of the case. Brown’s prelim hearing is on May 28th.

What do you think?

Can Chris Brown get a fair trial after that photo of a bruised and swollen Rihanna was released?

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So Ladies and Men, why do you think this picture business is going on now, so close to the start of the Trial ? could it be more negative press to insure that the case is even more heated and that Chris gets the Book thrown at him ? we wonder - but one thing we know for sure, those pics of RhiRhi's face being leaked by the LAPD, were totally influential. so many people have seen that picture that she is now the new poster child for "Don't let a man put his hands on you".

So Tell Us, Do You Think this Picture Issue is going to change the face of Celebrity Trials For Good ?

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