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Land It Yourself Planes; Lil Kim's Stolen Car Issues; Stars and their Gay Angst; and Jamaica's Hottness

Today we give you a catch up day with alot of news and entertainment stories.

What would you do if your pilot died in mid flite ?
Watch This, and yes this is actual footage of the incident.

Lil Kim in the news…again

By yardFlex on Foreign Vibes
lil-kim.jpgPoor Lil Kim seems that trouble just follows her wherever she goes. The latest according to a TMZ report is that the rapper, who has already served time for not snitching, was unknowingly driving a stolen Bentley for months before it was taken from her New Jersey home last year.

According to the website Lil' Kim claims the silver Bentley was a gift from music producer Scott Storch, but the Repo man wasn't trying to hear that sob story when they towed it away.Turns out, Storch had stopped making payments on the expensive car and decided to give it to Kim instead of returning it to the Broward leasing company he got it from. The lease was for $85,000, according to the Sun-Sentinel, but the car was probably worth a lot more.Bad move because now Storch is facing grand theft auto charges and is set to appear in court next month.Meanwhile, Lil' Kim is trying to survive the next round of cuts on "Dancing With The Stars."Word of advice for the sexy rapping felon: next time someone offers you an $85,000 gift, get a receipt.

R Kelly involved with a man?

By yardFlex on What's Cracking
r-kelly.jpgNah someone must be lying this hell can’t be true. If the report on mediatakeout is anything to go by then very soon an explosive book will be hitting the shelves on the singer’s so called affair with a man who is only going by the name of ‘Russell’.

Russell claims he will be telling all and will be coming with some shocking secrets…if that’s the case we all we can say is let’s see what he has.

Bow Wow in a bit of a mess !

By yardFlex on Yard News
Bow just caught wind that rapper Bow Wow is in a bit of a mess. Apparently, he went on a video blog yesterday – and said that he was uncomfortable having a gay barber. Or to be specific – having a gay barber “touch his head”

That comment has caused a mini-uproar in the Black gay community. Here’s an example of the response that Bow Weezy’s comments are evoking taken from BET reporter Clay Cane’s blog:

Yesterday Bow Wow held a live video chat where he answered questions from the few fans he has left.

During the chat Bow Wow revealed how uncomfortable he gets around gays.

He talked about a time where he needed a haircut and had his people go and find him a barber. But after noticing the barber was gay he told them that he didn’t want the haircut anymore.

He said he didn’t want a gay barber touching his head.

I’m guessing either the top of his dome is his hot spot or he seems to think homosexuality is contagious.
Isn’t it funny that a guy who twirled his neck like a hurricane and flinched his wrist around like it just suffered a stroke during a special with Omarion (you know, that masculine guy) is saying that he’s homophobic?

We’re just gonna leave this one alone …. FOR NOW!!!

Ambassador Rihanna Exposed At Reggae Concert

By yardFlex on Yard News
beenie_man.jpgYardflex came across the following article on and if you thought that Beenie Man didn’t diss Rihanna in Barbados then think again. Some Bajans are really worked up over it.Below is the article that was posted on the website and some of comments that were posted.

Ambassador Rihanna did a cameo at Reggae On The Hill last week during Beenie Man’s performance. For BU family members who don’t have the ear to understand what he is singing in the video here is the hook line Me no have fancy car, but me no give you no scar. From reports Rihanna lingered on stage for a little while and then scuttled with her tail between her legs.

The dignity of Ambassador Rihanna exposed by what some people would call a thug in Beenie Man. It is no secret that many of the dancehall/dub artistes who frequent Barbados are very well known to court rooms around the world. We thought it laughable that several of the dancehall/reggae artistes who performed at Farley Hill last week complained about the treatment meted out by the Royal Barbados Police Force. Did they believe that our police force is clueless? People get ‘high’ just walking through the crowd at one of these shows!

Sorry guys but we give the police the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Chris and Rihanna finally over?

By yardFlex on What's Cracking
chris-brown-rihanna.jpgIt seems as if Rihanna has finally come to her senses if the report that was carried in the US Magazine is anything to go by. According to her father Ronald Fenty who spoke to the magazine he was quoted as saying the following.

Rihanna’s a different person, back to herself. It’s like Chris never [even] existed. She seems reborn. And in another report a source was quoted as saying that Rihanna’s is in a really good place realizing how precious life is.”

The Barbadian singer is even learning to relax as Beenie Man ‘draw card’ on her at a show in Barbados and then called her on stage and she went exciting the crowd even further.

You go girl

Nice Crib, from all that Jarobics Money Ele

Police show private parts to students

By yardFlex on Yard Passa
By Rootzgirl
Rasta-Girl-silhouette.jpgWhat in blazes is happening in our country did you read the report in the Star on the policeman who the Director of Public Prosecutions ruled that charges of outrageous public indecency be brought against him?

According to the story he was reported revealed his privates to schoolchildren at an all-girls school.All this we understand in an attempt to impress the female students at the institution on Monday.

Now what I want to ask is, couldn’t he have found a more mature audience to try and impress, say go to a male strip joint since he is so proud of his member.

It is disappointing that someone who is charged with maintaining the law should be engaged in this kind of activity and at a place where the girls there should be enjoying his protection.

More and more those who are charged with leading are letting us down, I can’t help but wonder what it will be next. Personally if you ask me that policeman has a mental problem…he can’t believe he could exhibit that kind of behaviour and not receive the repercussions from it.

In case you are shocked and thinking that this is just too crazy to be true the incident has been confirmed by Deputy Superintendent Michael Phipps of the Half-Way-Tree Police…blessedly for him he did not call his name.The accused policeman, who is in early 20s, is scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's court…let’s hope this will serve to put some sense in his head.

T.I. Says He Turned To Crime As A Teen For 'Independence'

ti-quest.jpgT.I. 's 2007 arrest for attempting to buy illegal firearms led many observers to believe the rapper's career was finished and he'd be spending a long stretch in prison. The rapper had previously done jail stints for drug-related offenses.
So how did an exemplary student, as Tip said he was, turn to a fast life of crime?

"I think for me, it was independence. It was about independence. It was about being a provider. It was me and my mom at that point, and from what I saw of my uncles and what I saw of my pops, they were providers," T.I. told MTV News on Saturday during his interview that will air Tuesday night (March 31) on MTV's "Road to Redemption: The Reckoning."

"They provided for their family and other people's families. They were the ones that other people came to when they didn't know what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Where there was no way, my uncles and my pops made a way, and that's what I saw."

For Tip, he said those figures became his examples. By the time he hit his teens, he moved to place himself in that provider position. He'd receive final-notice bills from his mother, and he said it was then his responsibility to make sure their lives remained steady. So he turned to selling crack.

The rapper said he masked his illegal activity with a more modest, innocent front: selling candy.
"My mom never knew how I was getting it done, she just knew I was getting it done," Tip recalled. "I had a few fronts too, man. I used to sell candy. I used to go to the warehouse and buy a bunch of candy, get a book bag full of candy, and off it. I pretended to my mom for a long time that that's how I was getting the money."
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Call 911: "Daggering aka Domestic violence" says US TV station gets to understand that an American TV station called truTV has described daggering as domestic violence. The TV station did a semi documentary with clips from the famous Dutty Fridaze that recently held in L.A on which they had several persons commenting on the dancing behavior of the patrons as if they were commentators at a wrestling match.

Vybz denied entry in Grenada

By yardFlex on Yard News
1233414.jpgIt seems as if dancehall DJ Vybz Kartel doesn't measure up to par when it comes to his lyrics. The DJ whose real name is Adija Palmer was denied performance permit by Grenadian Government.
The red-hot entertainer, whose controversial lyrics have brought him lots of media attention both in and out of Jamaica, was scheduled to perform a rap-it-up concert in Grenville St. Andrews on Saturday, May 2 2009, where his popular Daggering condom was to be officially launched.

Vybz Kartel, who is well known for his hard hitting ghetto lyrics and rival showdowns with popular Artist Marvado, has been leaning towards more positive messages in his songs, with emphasis on respecting Women and Mothers and hints of Rasta-fari teachings. His recent condom campaigns for saving lives have also been well received. Vybz Kartels recent release Mama has taken the charts by storm, and the Artist will be doing several performances in the Caribbean, to include neighboring Trinidad and Tobago on May 8th 2009.

No reason was given by the Ministry of Labour in Grenada for the refusal of the work permits, but the sensitive issue of censorship or freedom of expression may have been at the forefront. The promoter of the event is claiming thousand of dollars in losses and is now seeking legal advice, since neither himself nor the Artists were aware of the Governments blacklisting. Vybz Kartel last performed in Grenada Dec. 5th 2008 to a sold out audience.

Jamaica beware

By yardFlex on Yard News
Gay_sign.pngThe gays have stepped up their attack on Jamaica . Their latest ploy is a campaign to boycott Jamaican products.

A gay rights group from California took their campaign to the streets of New York City on Wednesday and engaged in a rum dump at Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street in Manhattan. According to Caribbean World News the owners were urged to dump their stock of Myers Rum and Red Stripe Beer in the sewer while other bars are being urged to follow suit.

Jamaicans are hitting out against it accusing that there were others in the US who were anti gays…and yet they weren’t being targeted.

The New Jersey resident insists the gay rights attack against Jamaica is `very disingenuous.`
`There are conservative Christian groups in the U.S. who are very anti-homosexuality and anti-gay so why aren’t they going up against them? One person was quoted by Caribbean World News as saying.

She answered her own question by adding: `It`s because those groups have a strong lobbying and can’t be pushed around so they’re coming after the weakness of the Jamaicans, which is we don’t have a strong lobby to push back and raise awareness.`

The Jamaican national also insisted that gays are not being killed in Jamaica simply because they are gays, despite what many claim. And she questioned: `How dare they try to castigate an entire island because of their lifestyle? It’s a shame that they want respect but can’t respect our laws.`

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