Monday, May 25, 2009

What do you mean Coming Social Unrest Buddy ?

What I don' t get is doesn't this man realize that this is reading the news ?
we already have economically motivated unrest ? has he not seen these violent episodes where folks are loosing it - Literally ?

Please somebody shake him, cause he's still not awake - damn.

World Bank President Robert Zoellick
Robert Zoellick has warned of the destabilising effects of unemployment

The head of the World Bank has warned that the global economic crisis could lead to serious social upheaval.

"If we do no take measures, there is a risk of a serious human and social crisis with very serious political implications," Robert Zoellick said.

He pointed to Eastern Europe, which faces the "tricky situation" of fast-shrinking economies and protests.

Mr Zoellick suggested governments should start preparing for high levels of unemployment.

"In my opinion, in this context, nobody really knows what is going to happen and the best one can do is be ready for any eventuality," Mr Zoellick said in an interview with Spain's El Pais newspaper.

"There is also what I call the 'X-factor', that one can not foresee," such as the recent outbreak of swine flu, he said.

"Latin America has remained reasonably stable, even if Mexico and Central America are under pressure because they rely a lot on the North American market," Mr Zoellick added.

It was reported last week that Mexico's economy shrank by 8.2% in the first three months of this year compared with a year earlier. Mexico sends 80% of its exports to the US.

Other economies in Eastern Europe have registered double-digit declines in GDP, such as Latvia and Estonia, while the retiring Bank of England rate-setter David Blanchflower has said at least one million more people in the UK will lose their jobs.

The World Bank has previously warned of a "human catastrophe" in the world's poorest countries unless more is done to tackle the global economic crisis.

It said an extra 53 million people are at risk of extreme poverty.


askcherlock said...

What alien planet are these guys from? Social Unrest? People are losing everything at a cost far greater than the market and it is because of the market. Don't they know from homeless? These guys live in glass towers and are so insulated it is frightening. Bonkers, they are all bonkers.

blogger galuh said...

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frostygirl said...

I believe that global anarchy is a very real threat as more and more people run out of money to feed their families. People will take drastic measures to stay alive and will kill for food if it becomes necessary.

It is not the X-factor they need to worry about it is the G (God) factor they must consider.

The Exaggerator said...

Is it any wonder that certain weird and unwholesome types, in the guise of "patriots" and "defenders of the Constitution," are some of the biggest spreaders of propaganda of this ilk?

And that their biggest fans are, by and large, poor, undereducated, easily-influenced and socially-displaced elements of the community (as in the same specimens of "poor white trash" as are likely to support the so-called "tea party" astroturf movement)?

Babsy said...

it makes me want to scream when I see this crap because it indicates how we are seperated into two groups: those who KNOW What's Going on; and Those who are gonna have to beat the shit out of those who are Lying to Us.

I'm on the side of the Ass Whoopers, How Bout You ?