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Throwback Tuesday - Permit Fi Gun - Who Needs One ?

Today We Step Back In Time.. May 08, 2008

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Permit Fi Gun ? Who Needs One
May 08, 2008 09:19 PM PDT

Permit Fi Gun - Who Needs One ? - rec.music.reggae | Google Groups

WE thought you might find it interesting that We Are often featured in Rec.Music.Reggae - the Newsgroup for Reggae Lovers.

this week it's all about our Part Two, of the Warshow -which we call simply - "Permit Fi Gun". this pod features a wide selection of music all on the same subject "Violence Directed Toward Us".. click to listen to the podcast

"Permit Fi Gun" -

Supacat asked for his Permit Fi Gun wayyyy back in the 90's.. and still today we see violence at an all-time high,,

Why ??

with all this murda music on the airwaves; in the dancehall; and on everybody's I-Pods. it's a wonder we are alive still - at the end of the day. we ask the musical question today - in our latest Podcast in the War Series -

click to listen to the podcast"Permit Fi Gun" - REVIVAL ?

In This Explosive Follow Up to the War Pod - we feature some hard hitting; and quite thought provoking Vintage Rockers - toe tappers tempered with Tasty Hot Cross Hip Hop Tuneage from the Marleys; Dead Prez; Cocoa Brovaz; Mos Def and Talib Kweli.

Nuff Chat - click to listen to the podcast"Permit Fi Gun" Click In Here Mi Yute

There's also an unpublished version of "a mysterytooncalledCopShotonthispodcast" check it

The Musical Assault Includes :

  • General Penitentary - Black Uhuru *Live
  • Youthman Penitentary - Edi Fitzroy
  • Rude Bwoy - Kymani Marley
  • Them Mus Get a Beatin - Peter Tosh
  • I Shot the Sheriff *Live Version - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Dem Crazy - HipHop Hybrid - Dead Prez and Stephen Marley
  • Bangarang (Mento Original) - Stranger Cole
  • Murdah Dem a Play - Bryhan Art
  • Gun Music - Talib Kweli and Cocoa Brovaz
  • Mystery Track - Dead Prez and Talib Kweli *Live Rhymin
  • Permit Fi Gun - Super Cat
(this pod is rated R for Language)

Duration : 45:00 Mins - 64k Digital Download

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