Friday, May 15, 2009

Have Mercy - What was in that fridge, Christmas Chittlins ?

By Now Everyone has to have seen this.
if you haven't we just want to warn you that this is really not a joke.

Smelly Refrigerator Strikes Down AT&T Office [Man Vs Machine]

By Mark Wilson on Video

AT&T may be worried about the Palm Pre, but they should be much more worried about refrigerators that smell so bad they force the evacuation of over 300 office employees.

It's true, an office refrigerator, unplugged for disinfection and scrubbed with some unsuitable cleaning supplies, grew so rank that it made over 20 people in the office sick. The fire department was called in to handle the situation and the old, smelly lunches.

Refrigerator: 1 AT&T: 0

Office refrigerator stench packs punch, sends seven to hospital

(CNN) -- We've all been there: reached for our food in the office refrigerator, only to recoil from the stench from the crammed containers of decomposing food.

When a worker at an AT&T building in San Jose, California, took it upon herself to clean out an office refrigerator during her lunch hour Tuesday, the smell from the moldy food was so noxious that it sent seven of her co-workers to the hospital and prompted the evacuation of all 325 people in the building.

"It was like a brick wall hit you," employee Robin Leetieh told CNN affiliate KGO-TV. "Stopped you immediately."

The refrigerator had been unplugged for some time and moved into a conference room for cleaning. When the woman tried to scrub down the mess, the stench from the cleaning chemicals combined with the rotting food.

"It caused some to vomit, some to just get nauseous. And it, for us, activated a hazardous incident," Capt. Barry Stallard of the San Jose fire department told the television station.

Another office worker tried to cover up the odor -- and made matters worse.

"Someone also took some spray and tried to deodorize the air," Stallard said. "And it turned out that was spot cleaner, not a deodorant. So it made people very sick."

Firefighters set up a triage area in the building's parking lot. In all, 28 workers reported feeling sick. Seven were taken to hospitals for evaluation.

Not among them: the woman who volunteered to clean the fridge.

She suffers from allergies, firefighters said, and had had nasal surgery.

She didn't smell a thing.


askcherlock said...

Do you know the way to San Jose? Well, maybe the way out! Funny stuff! I wonder why my husband has been nauseous and sneezing the past week?

p said...

If that AT&T frig actually looked like the one in the photo, we could call it a "green fridge", I guess. It must have been much, much worse than that, LOL!

RE Ausetkmt said...

somebody should have thought to take it outside instead of sitting it into a conference room..
yeah I said a conference room.

makes you wonder what kinda conferences they were having in that office. and besides, I've never seen any fridge that could contain odors totally so they had to know it was toxic before she opened it.