Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TMOBILE - LIke a CROOK; with a hook - watch this video

Tmobile is loosing ground quickly. ever since it was announced that they were being bought out by AT&T; things have quickly moved toward the worst.

This is a synopsis of my encounter earlier today. I spent more than 2 hrs trying to get information and make changes to my TMobile accounts.

Which Still Hasn't Happened..

the thing that hits me most is that the representatives seem to enjoy treating you as though you don't understand any of what is going on.  mocking and absolutely playing the fool card.

Bear in mind before you read this transcript that I was logged into Tmobile, In My Account Service Panel using the Chat Assistance Link - which you must be logged into your TMobile Account to Access or Utilize.  please remember this very  important fact when reading this transcript.

This is the chat transcript so that you can see it for yourself :

You have been connected to ~Janet T.
Ankhesen Auset: I need assistance with a complaint and rate plan issue
~Janet T: Welcome to T-Mobile Chat service. My name is Janet and for your reference my rep ID is 1320121. First, please allow me one moment to review your question.
~Janet T: Ankhesen, I will be happy to check on your plan.
Ankhesen Auset: hello janet I am unable to see any rates because I have a google phone
Ankhesen Auset: I want a lower rate since I am not using my phones much
Ankhesen Auset: also I want to file a complaint
~Janet T: Have you checked out our new plans on line?+
Ankhesen Auset: I cannot see them since I have a googlephone
Ankhesen Auset: customers who own their phones do not see plans (see the graphic at the top)
~Janet T: You can log into your on line account and veiw our new plans.
Ankhesen Auset: per the screen
Ankhesen Auset: no I can't
Ankhesen Auset: I have already spent thirty minutes trying
~Janet T: You can log in your on line account on a computer.
Ankhesen Auset: the screen won't show me rates since I own my phone
Ankhesen Auset: I am on my computer now and it won't show me anything about rates
~Janet T: Have you registered your numbes on line?
Ankhesen Auset: what ?
Ankhesen Auset: whn logging in it requests you give your phone number
Ankhesen Auset: of course I loggeed in with my phone number
Ankhesen Auset: otherwise I couldn't see my package
~Janet T: That is correct and you need to log into our account with your number.
Ankhesen Auset: and or the fact that I am not able to see any other rates\
Ankhesen Auset: that's what I'm telling you
Ankhesen Auset: are you paying attention to what I'm typing here Janet ?
~Janet T: How many minutes are you wanting?
Ankhesen Auset: I want to see the plans that are available to choose from
Ankhesen Auset: as I have two phones
Ankhesen Auset: I need two different plans
~Janet T: YOu are not wanting a family plan?
Ankhesen Auset: I am overpaying everymonth by at least 100 dollars
Ankhesen Auset: according to what I can see, it's overcharging me
Ankhesen Auset: I don't use enough minutes for it
Ankhesen Auset: I need a less expensive plan for each phone
~Janet T: I need to advise you will need to agree to a new 2 year contract when changing your plan.
Ankhesen Auset: I know that
~Janet T: What plans are you wanting?
Ankhesen Auset: did you miss that I asked to see the plans janet ?
~Janet T: You can log onto our web site at www.t-mobile.com and view our new plans.
Ankhesen Auset: I want the best plan for each phone so I need to see what is available - and you are not able to give me any assistance so this transcript will attest to that.
Ankhesen Auset: you should stop and read before you type anything else janet
Ankhesen Auset: really
Ankhesen Auset: you're not paying any attention to my responses
Ankhesen Auset: and that is a bad thing
~Janet T: I am reading your responses.
Ankhesen Auset: especially when I have asked four times already for assistance with seeing the rate plans
~Janet T: I need some idea on what plan you are wanting?
Ankhesen Auset: well if you are reading them, can you give me a url that will allow me to see the rate plans since I cannot
~Janet T: I am unable to give the the plans to see on chat.
Ankhesen Auset: second matter of business then
Ankhesen Auset: complaint
Ankhesen Auset: I have had no assistance from either your chat support or the phone sales lines in resolving my plan issues
~Janet T: I am sorry.
Ankhesen Auset: I have made more than 10 calls today and reached your automated lines eachtime - and was disconnected eachtime
~Janet T: Before I can give you information on the plans, we need a ideal of what you are needing on each line.
Ankhesen Auset: basically I've spent the better part of two hours being treated like a non customer by tmobile
Ankhesen Auset: we have moved on from plans Janet
~Janet T: I am sorry you feel this way.
Ankhesen Auset: we are now on complaint - got it ?
~Janet T: Yes.
Ankhesen Auset: you don't know how I feel - except frustrated, and tired of tmobile at this point\
Ankhesen Auset: really I am so tired of tmobile not helping me
Ankhesen Auset: that's why I want to decrease my services to get another company
Ankhesen Auset: this is not the way to retain a customer
~Janet T: I do apologize you feel this way.
Ankhesen Auset: and certainly not the way you help one - apologizing instead of giving information is not help
~Janet T: But to assist you we need some information on what plans you are looking at.
Ankhesen Auset: please apologize after you assist
Ankhesen Auset: you are doing nothing except annoying me now
Ankhesen Auset: you have no rate plan info for me
~Janet T: I am sorry to hear this.
Ankhesen Auset: you have nothing to tell me about the automated lines
~Janet T: How many minutes do you want on each line?
Ankhesen Auset: and you haven't taken my complaint
Ankhesen Auset: so what is it that you are doing janet ?
~Janet T: What complaint can I assist you with?
Ankhesen Auset: janet you have a good day okay .,., I have had it with you and your game.
~Janet T: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, I am sorry we weren't able to fully resolve your issue.
Ankhesen Auset: this is a transcript and no doubt someone at tmobile will read it when I mail it to the corporate office
~Janet T: I am sorry I could not assist you.

this is my worded response to their customer service survey - I gave them all 1's which is total dissatisfaction; and added this comment for their clarity

I have never received such poor service as I have today from t-mobile, both online in chat and on the phone.  the entire system seems broken and unwilling to service customers needs. not even calls from supervisors are being returned.  I think TMobile is absolutely working their way to the bottom as quickly as they can. as soon as I can get out of my contract with TMobile I am OUT. You have pushed me away as a customer and I'VE HAD IT. two lines for 7 years and this is how you treat me ? 

you install a phone automation system which defeats the purpose of calling, when you can't get through to a live person for assistance. it's even worse when you try to get assistance from an online agent in chat for customer service and what you get instead is no service; ignored and treated like you are bothering them.

since when is a paying customer a bother ? obviously you've started changing to the we hate customers style of management which is why you will soon see your customer base disappear.  you're already becomming more like at&t than you even know.  this is the worst thing that could ever happen to any consumer. and trust me, I will be writing, blogging, broadcasting and fb'n all about this, until I get a resolution.

TMobile You Suck,

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