Saturday, August 6, 2011

You need to be ready for work when you go, right ?

Have You ever rated your web host on technical support ? well today we did and this is how we did it. read the chat transcript and at the end you tell us what you think of our rating.

Chat Content:
Taylor: [3:18:49 PM] Welcome to our real-time support chat. Please be patient, as I may be helping multiple people. How can I help you today?
RE Ausetkmt: [3:18:49 PM] I need help with rss feed on a domain please
Taylor: [3:19:35 PM] what questions can I answer for you
RE Ausetkmt: [3:19:41 PM] hello taylor I need help finding out the rss feed url of this site please -
Taylor: [3:21:34 PM] i think that link will help you
[3:21:56 PM] i cant answer that question.
[3:21:56 PM] i dont know how you built your site.
[3:21:56 PM] that is nothing server specific
RE Ausetkmt: [3:22:36 PM] it's built using simplescripts
[3:22:40 PM] it's a cube cart
Taylor: [3:23:03 PM] simple scripts is how you installed it.
RE Ausetkmt: [3:23:05 PM] so are you suggesting that I should just make an xml page and put it into the directory with the cart files ?
Taylor: [3:23:09 PM] not how it is developed
[3:23:46 PM] i am suggesting you look through cube cart's information about creating an rss feed to intedrate with their program.
RE Ausetkmt: [3:24:07 PM] all work on the cart is done within the cart adm panel
Taylor: [3:24:19 PM] yes
RE Ausetkmt: [3:24:34 PM] there is no info on it since it's the oldest version and you don't have plans to upgrade the version on simple scripts
[3:24:37 PM] as I have been told
Taylor: [3:24:43 PM] thats your program, not the server's functionality
RE Ausetkmt: [3:25:05 PM] taylor you are not helping me - please answer my questions
[3:25:23 PM] I built and installed this cart totally through my simple scripts on bluehost
Taylor: [3:25:25 PM] you may need to contact a developer for assistance with your website if needed. we do not do any development work
RE Ausetkmt: [3:25:46 PM] there is no excuse for rudeness and dereliction of duty taylor
Taylor: [3:25:55 PM] i understand that
[3:25:55 PM] but please understand
RE Ausetkmt: [3:26:05 PM] you should be kind to people asking questions asking for assistance
Taylor: [3:26:10 PM] we do not develop, maintain or build your site. you installed it through simple scripts.. you then uysed the program itself to build your site.
RE Ausetkmt: [3:26:16 PM] that is your job right taylor ?
Taylor: [3:26:17 PM] i apologize if you misunderstand me.
[3:26:20 PM] I mean no rudeness.
RE Ausetkmt: [3:26:35 PM] but read your responses and see only that\
Taylor: [3:26:36 PM] No, our job is not to build or maintain your site,.
RE Ausetkmt: [3:26:40 PM] you are not helping
[3:26:47 PM] and that is not nice
[3:26:48 PM] nor is it appreciated
Taylor: [3:26:51 PM] that is not what we do.
[3:26:51 PM] I am doing my job right now.
[3:26:51 PM] very well
RE Ausetkmt: [3:27:03 PM] I have been kind asking the questions and not trying to antagonize you
[3:27:16 PM] I am asking valid questions since I did not install the program\
[3:27:22 PM] I used simplescripts to do it\
Taylor: [3:27:30 PM] I dont feel like you are, and im sorry if you are feeling that from me
RE Ausetkmt: [3:27:33 PM] therefore what you are talking about is not related to what I asked
[3:27:41 PM] incase you are not getting it yet
Taylor: [3:27:54 PM] The url you use for something in your site is not controlled in any way shape or form by or simplescripts.
RE Ausetkmt: [3:27:57 PM] I did not come here to argue, I came here for assistance
Taylor: [3:28:08 PM] Bluehost does not Support or Assist with Scripting, Coding or Third Party Product issues including but not limited to Installation, code Maintenance, Custom Scripting, Website Design, or Technical Maintenance in relationship to these areas.
[3:28:10 PM] If you have Scripting, Coding or Third Party Product questions Bluehost recommends you consult or hire a programmer, design group or the manufacturers of your third party products.
RE Ausetkmt: [3:28:11 PM] you are giving no assistance
Taylor: [3:28:12 PM] If you feel your situation warrants exception then you may create a ticket with further information regarding your issue at <>; in the Site Compatibility queue.
[3:28:17 PM] Again, Bluehost makes no claims or guarantees that our support staff will be able to assist you with your Scripting, Coding or Third Party Product issues.
[3:28:34 PM] that is our official policy on help developing your website
RE Ausetkmt: [3:28:53 PM] I hope that there is a rating after this and surely you know I will be asking for whomever reads these comments to read the entire convo - especially the parts where you totally ignored me
Taylor: [3:28:53 PM] sorry you want more. you will want to contact a developer to assist you with your web development
[3:29:18 PM] you are of course more then welcome to rate me afterwards, as well to email
RE Ausetkmt: [3:29:22 PM] taylor you have a good day because you are not rendering any assistance and I refuse to play head games
[3:29:27 PM] have a good one taylor

This is our reply to the customer service script at the end of the chat above. it shows our rating and why we gave it.We gave the rep Taylor a 1 - which is the lowest score and indicates Least Satisfied.
I was goaded, and treated poorly by the rep taylor who answered my request for assistance. please review the chat log and if you think a customer is wrong to ask for assistance then dismiss my remarks - otherwise, get him some clarity on how to assist customers and how to answer simple relevant questions about programs used and installed by simple scripts.
there is no excuse for the way he treated me and I am sure when you read the chat you will agree. please get the techs who work on this chat system better tools and better training so that they can assist customers instead insulting and antagonizing them. this is totally the worst service I have ever gotten on chat in the many years I have been a blue host customer.
this is what your customers associate with you when they think of reliability. not good.
please feel free to contact me in regards to resolving my question which was very simple - what is the rss feed for my cubecart since I can't find it anywhere in the simplescripts adm info - or in the documentation for this version of cubecart.
Purely by reading this transcripted chat you can see what a simple question I asked and how he totally made it not his job to help me discover it. this folks is why you need to spend time on each aspect of your hosts support services, to determine what works and what doesn't. clearly we can see that this is not technician is not good at working with customers.
Moral of the story is this - ask a simple question, if the rep gets fried - it's because they don't have the expertise to respond and their ego takes over. at the time that the rep became defensive it was clear Every Game was On. this is what Ego is all about in customer service.
when you are treated rudely, as I was clearly from the transcript above; you have two options. one, return the stupidity and become the reason that the asshole is able to wiggle free of his faux pas. or option two - remain calm, non combative and respectful; yet fully repeating your initial request. this is the key to understanding how to respond to ego driven conversations.
my rule is, let an Ass be An Ass - and stand far enough away that the shit doesn't fly onto you. he clearly will be talking to someone after the response I made to his service. this is why when I responded I chose to keep it simple and stick to the same issue. that makes it clear when diagnosing the situation, that I only asked one question and was given nothing for an answer except EGO.
Enjoy the time you spend getting help from good technicians, because there are a lot of people in technical support who clearly don't want to be there, like Taylor.
America lets put happy people back into these chairs, and send the unsatisfied back to their own space. maybe then they will figure out how to be happy getting paid for doing what they said they'd do. Plain and Simple.

A Fair Days Pay for a Fair Days Work,


msladydeborah said...

I had a crazy chat encounter with a CSR from Dell Computers. He spent the entire time trying to see me a security package instead of answering my questions.

I finally ended the madness with my laptop still not in working order. The next day my youngest son came over and fixed the problem in three clicks.

I wrote Dell and went off about their true lack of customer well-being and ran the experience that I had with the CSR and I've wanted nothing to do with that aspect of their business since then.

RE Ausetkmt said...

you would think that in this economy companies would pay more attention to how they treat their customers.

the marketplace is large enough that competition is born everyday. I think that Dell has had customer issues for quite a while. that's one of the reasons they're sales have dropped so drastically.

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