Friday, August 26, 2011

So It's Moammar Gathafi Leader of the Revolution

ooooooooo,, This is very interesting since it shows us something we've all wondered about for decades - the correct spelling of his name

Moammar Gathafi Leader of the Revolution

Gathafi, Hmmm.. I guess so if you spell it and we're saying it phonetically. so mystery finally solved. Now we know his name. The Atlantic has a brilliant piece on the name discovery and this is just a clipping from it - we suggest a click over for the full read :
The Atlantic Home - Friday, August 26, 2011 Rebel Discovers Qaddafi Passport, Real Spelling of Leader's Name By Max Fisher - Aug 24 2011, 12:24 PM ET
As Libyans flood Muammar Qaddafi's Bab al-Aziziya military compound in Tripoli, they're making a number of interesting finds. Most recent is what appears to be the diplomatic passport of eldest son Mohammed Qaddafi. Video of someone leafing through the passport reveals an interesting discovery: the spelling of Qaddafi's name.
A much-circulated 2009 story found 112 different ways to render the Libyan leader's last name in the Latin alphabet, used in English and most other Western European languages. But, according to this passport, and presumably the Libyan man himself, the accurate Latinized spelling is one of the least commonly used of those 112: Gathafi. (The passport also shows Mohammed's title as "Son of the Leader of the Revolution," a reference to his father's preferred title as head of state.)
The proper spelling of the Libyan leader's name has long been a source of banter and argument among Western journalists and editors. Debates over the most accurate spelling of his name are so common that they were once featured in an episode of the TV series The West Wing. Some hobbyist linguists have even parsed the multiple spellings into computer code and a handy chart.
Now that we know the correct spelling, do you think we should correct all our previously written posts on him to reflect the proper spelling ? Tell Us What You Think In The Comments Section. We're very interested in hearing what you think about this discovery.

Okay Detectives - Back To the Search For The Catwalker Gathafi,

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