Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Won't the GOP Agree To Pay Off The National Debt by Equalizing the Tax Structure ?

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Today we're going to address a few questions in this video blog that you will of course recognize from our most recently posted blogs concerning The American Economic Debt Ceiling Crisis.

Inquiring Minds Would Like To Know :

  1. Why Didn't President Obama demand an immediate increase in the Debt Ceiling ?
  2. Is Congress being Extorted by the GOP ? it appears so since there exists a bicameral system yet only one party is allowed to make decisions of late; even on crucial matters such as the Economic Deficit ?
  3. How Much will this GOP filibuster cost the American People who are the actual Tax Payers; in the end ?
  4. Is the Democratic Party Punked out ? doesn't their vote mean anything anymore ?
  5. Why is the Gop Allowed to Run Roughshod over the constitution and Americas' democratic process at will ?
  6. Are the majority of US Citizen Tax Payers unimportant, since their voice is still ignored in the recent economic debt ceiling crisis - yet they carry the tax burden for most everyone including the top 0.1% of the nations Billionaires ?
  7. How many of the GOP Filibusters are members of the 0.1% of the US richest citizen non taxpayers ?

Like You, We Know that these simple questions are the ones we need answered; Before we start to examine the contraction that they just pushed into play.

Yes America is now headed into a deeper contraction. mostly due to the inability of the GOP to stfu and let people who understand how finance works actually offer some sound advice on fixing the issues which led to this tremendous economic debacle.

It Is After All The Mess They Created - and we all know that from the history we learned this week about the deficit ceiling history and the gop's responses. We wonder why no one is discussing the fact that the republican jesus Ronald Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times during his tenure, without even a whimper from the democrats.

It's always that way when you have lobbyist money dictating how many hours you talk in their interest; instead of the interests you were elected to represent - The American People.
This so called compromise bill will eventually send Americas' future taxpayers into even deeper recessionary debt. Mostly because no one is willing to do the one thing that will stop all of this immediately.
Pay Off The National Debt by Equalizing the Tax Structure

Mr and Ms. America realized this week that until the entire country has the same tax structure, the entire debt will continue to be siphoned from congressional term to congressional term, out of the pockets of those who pay taxes. because the top .01% of Americans - the Billionaires; Don't Pay Taxes. The GOP Makes Sure of That.

America Please take a look at the Bush Tax Cuts - and then lets ask President Obama Why he didn't demand that they be recinded NOW ?

Could it be that the gop would have refused to end the stalemate ? Obviously.

That is Extortion and should be investigated to determine who started it; and that person and their accomplices should be prosecuted appropriated by both immediate removal from their elected office, and being locked awaiting trial for extortion. they should be sitting right beside folks like Rod Blagovitch who basically did the same thing - Pimping and Pandering the law, and the American Legislative System.

Isn't it time someone started policing the folks who supposedly represent America, Seriously ?

Americans When Will You Wake Up and Decide to Stop Paying for Champagne on a Skim Milk Budget

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