Monday, August 1, 2011

Blogcatalog Has Issues - RSS FEED Issues..

 Since Writing This Post I have REMOVED ALL Of My Blogs and Terminated My Account at Blog Catalog.

Voila, Problem Solved ;)
Tony Have Bots Eaten You Dear ?

I am beyond Frustrated with Blog Catalog - otherwise You'd never hear from me and I'm sure you know that.  three blogs on Blog Catalog and your stats show -0- hits, when backside counters on the sites all show different.  the two which I recently moved to tumblr - still have non working rss feeds according to your bots, yet they show hundreds of hits each and everyday - on Tumblr.

wowwww,,,  even the rss feed scripts aren't working at Blog Catalog - What's Up Tony ?
Auto Discovery is an Idiot - this is the proof. how do you pull a blog feed from a different server ?
Co'mon Tony this is elementary and I'm sure you must be totally unaware of how bad this is - so I'm gonna do you a favor and blog about it and send it to you right here in advance, to make sure you see it.

This is my most recently posted request for assistance posted moments ago - since the one I posted two weeks ago, has no response and no repair to the rss feed.   do you realize that your support is in this condition ?  I wouldn't think you'd let your baby sit around in dirty diapers like this.

Not Working - NOT WORKING; does that get your attention finally after 14 days of requests to just correct the url for a blog which is approved. it oughta get everyones attention since it shows that you are ignoring your own scripts malfunctions - and the live users informing you about this problem.

I don't get it and I'm reading here that others also don't get it. that's a real problem that you all need to get, finally. no one likes to put in a request for assistance, to be responded to be a non working bot - which then does nothing what so ever to even address the issue that was initially reported weeks ago. this is no an isolated incident and from reading the problem reports, you know it.

Please Tony and Blog Catalog - read and fix, or shut down the bot that doesn't .

RSS Feeds Don't Just Fix Themselves

and btw, BadGalsRadio is now verified as getting more than 2.2 million hits a month - even if you don't want to approve it.  that's one of the reasons I really wonder what's goin on over there at BlogCatalog.


~RE // Reality in a Foundation Sound

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FishHawk said...

I stopped visiting Blog Catalog after they reformatted a while back. For I mostly used it to find sites for my Sites To See series, but that became very difficult (at least for me) after the improvements(?) were made. By the way, I really like the way things look around here!