Monday, August 8, 2011

If this IS - what it sounds like; Nicki Minaj needs an intervention of the bully beat down kind

If this IS -  what it sounds like;  Nicki Minaj needs an intervention of the bully beat down kind.

Recently Nicki was a guest in Dallas at a rather exclusive hotel, with boyfriend/manager Safree Samuels (shown above performing with minaj). In this audio we hear the Hotel Palomar management calling Dallas Police to request assistance removing one of them from the hotel room. 

It's obvious from the sound of the voices that there is something emotional happening.

Clearly you can hear that the tone of everyones' voices - as it illustrates the stress in the situation. it seems that Ms. Nicki isn't being exactly forthcomming about the incident. her recent statements of denial are now shot to hell by this audio. listen as the manager and the 911 operator discuss how  things were crazy on the 8th floor after she was Hit in the Face by someone in her entourage.

We don't endorse violence except in the most extreme cases, and in this case maybe instead of endless studio battles, she needs to make a lil time for a court battle to drop Safree Samuels from her team. any manager who hits his client, is not a manager - he's an abuser.  Nicki needs to realize this first and foremost. No Man should ever put his hands on her in a moment of domestic distress - especially to strike her.

Nicki here's a lil piece of advice - Never Get your Meat from the same place you get your Bread.

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