Sunday, August 7, 2011

Again We present something we do not like - BLEACHING

Sometimes you just have to admit you don't like something. For Us, This is that Day and This is that Thing -  Bleaching.

In Honor of 2121 likes on our Tumblr; we present something we do not like - BLEACHING

Just for the sake of conversation, we want you to take a look at this side by side

Okay now the lyrics of the song say "My Skin pretty like a coloring book".

obviously those chemicals have seeped through his skull and into his brain because he thinks this is a good look. no sarcasm intended - Kartel, you need to see a doctor quick because it looks like you have already done irrepairable damage to your skin. but then again the people from portmore say that he's a duppy who nah walk a day.

Hmmmmm, maybe they know something that's yet to appear in the media. whatever it is, he needs to get it in check because this is a very bad look; especially on Kartel.

some other people say he doesn't go out in the daytime, because that's when Corey Todd is out.. (brapppp brappp brappppp) eitherway, this is not a disguise; it's just disfigurement to the inth degree.

Please people look at this graphic self promoted example of Self Hatred and know that Shadeism is rampant in the Black Community. It needs to be put in check, before this becomes acceptable.

Please Just Say No to Bleaching Cake Soap

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