Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why People, Why Are You Sooooo Sexy ?

What we are doing  in Craft Class....
The Project of the Day was,
“Try to create something from memory”.

We have nothing to add, as this is QUITE enough.


I must admit that there's just something about how sexy he is when he does his lil turn on the catwalk.. (side-eye) Do Not Even Entertain Commenting on That. He Already knows HE IS TOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY For EVERYTHING.

This is the reporter that they said was too sexy for the New York Jets.
She's Pretty butterah,, we honestly don't see what makes her any more sexy than the rest of them.

Ines Sainz Poll: Was Reporter Dressed Too Sexy for New York Jets Locker Room?
Ines Sainz (TV Azteca)
NEW YORK (CBS) Allegations that sportscaster Ines Sainz was treated improperly during a New York Jets' practice Saturday have ignited a nationwide debate over how women should be treated in the male-dominated world of professional sports.

PICTURES: Ines Sainz, Jets Reporter

Did the Mexican reporter's clothing play a role in the improper treatment she allegedly received during the New York Jets practice?

Lauren Streib, a reporter for The Daily Beast, discussed the issues surrounding Sainz's sexy attire on CBS News' "The Early Show" on Wednesday, claming reporters should "dress the part" and not be a distraction.

"I personally have never been in a locker room, but in newsrooms, when you're in interviews with sources, you have to dress the part," Streib said on the morning show. "I think when it becomes question, 'Is she dressed appropriately?"'

The Jets are under scrutiny after a few players apparently made catcalls at Sainz, a veteran reporter for the Mexican network TV Azteca, while she was waiting to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez.

What do you think Was the Old Lady Too Sexy ? Was the Reporter Too Sexy ? and We Already Know Fred is Too Sexy. So What About YOU - Are You TOO SEXY ?


FishHawk said...

I suppose I am just a neanderthal, but what does she expect to happen when entering a male locker room dressed as she does? It is a wonder to me (naturally-speaking, of course) that they controlled themselves as much as they did.

RE Ausetkmt said...

FishHawk like I said, We're All Too Sexy. some of us however are a lil more tooooo sexy like mdme reporter, for the rest of us. do you really think that they controlled themselves? I wonder if ms Ines was to have tried to interview them on the field. have mercy, are we ready for some fooooooooootballll !

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RE Ausetkmt said...

Woww, Eric that's great. thanks for the fabu op. we'll be jumping right in. Thanks loads for the invite.

askcherlock said...

She obviously was dressed for success! Not only did she get lots of attention in the locker room, but all over the world. I think she knew exactly what she was doing. If that's how she wants to work it, well there have been more than a few football "players" doing time or being sanctioned for rape, or inappropriate conduct. She needs to be careful what she wishes for.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cher you are absolutely correct. I thought about our boy ben, and his troubles. she should do her interviews in public or risk stupidity.