Monday, September 27, 2010

God Deals Every Hand Bishop so don't think you can change the card game, In Jesus Name

Today we ask you "Why are we so willing to listen to the Preacher and not the Choir" ?

Watch at the 5:10 mark when Don makes his own revelation about being a child victim of a pedophile. this is something that should make these young people think.  instead they are clearly not open to any possibility of anything. They are apparently stars on the New Birth Young Adult ID10T Ministry Team.

Youngins Listen - Victims don't have the same story, when they are not in a group. the four young men all have similar stories about what happened to them. Apparently Bishop Long has a similar story too. that he is a victim. Co'mon Bishop - did four young men actually make up all these events and scrape together all this proof, such as being introduced to Winnie Mandela in Africa;  or being flown to New Zealand for their birthday;  just to spite you ? 

We Think Not

Bishop Long seems to love to put his hands on Young Men, in a special way.  we are not against saving souls but it shouldn't take an airplane and sexual favors to do it Bishop.  People please watch this and decide for yourself what you think happened. btw, this is from Bishop Longs' church and shows the action at the pulpit.

Notice at the end of the special laying on of hands, the man returns to the congregation, into a veritible mosh pit of triumphant hugs and open arms. Many of those who are in that prayer huddle would have run from this very man moments earlier; if they saw his BMF tats. 

Bishop Long should get an emmy for best drama series; for his performance. look at him at the 4.45 mark. that's all we have to say. the orchestral riff, the tears on command and the whole spiritual scene play. it's all just too scripted to be real.
God Deals Every Hand Bishop so don't think you can change the card game, In Jesus Name
Blasphemy is a sin and so is lyin about your temptations. but aside from that his stylist should get an oscar for best wardrobe and matching ring. 

Now that's some Phat Jesus Bling.


FishHawk said...

Everything that is hidden will be brought out into the light.

Twincerely,Olga said...

wow!!!Things always get found out!!! this is so sad for all of the people that it will push away from God!!!Following you! stop by

RE Ausetkmt said...

FishHawk - you put it exactly right. he thought that Gods eye was diverted so he did this. only to now see that God Knows.. and maybe he wishes he didn't. This is a real mess, and it appears that yon spandex preacher will be getting his one way or another one.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Twincerly Olga thanks for the comment and the follow. it's truly another black mark against church culture. too many folks need a saviour and guys like Eddie Long drive them to the church door and then drop the devil on them. it's really a sad testimony for a minister. see you soon.

JamericanSpice said...

That is true. Whatever is in the dark usually come to light. Light never stands still.

Also following here too.

JamericanSpice said...

Seriously that's a long time to be surrounded by body heat. I'd have fainted already from not enough air to breathe.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@JamericanSpice, girllll you see what I mean. and you know blackfolks draw heat. look at him sweating and fake crying. it's just so much to try to take in except it's so scripted you can't look away. I wonder who his screenwriter is ? they must be damn good. ala tyler perry I'd say.