Thursday, September 30, 2010

Abuse is a Sin - Let Us Stop Preying Okay Preachers ?

Anybody Gotta Sharp Stake and Some Holy Water flavored Kool Aid ?

When we look at this whole situation with Bishop Eddie Longstroke and the four young men who are accusing him of sexual abuse; we can't help but wonder what's in the water at his church. the members seem more like the people we saw in the jungle at Georgetown when Jim Jones passed out the poisoned kool-aid. 

Hello Is Anybody Home New Birth ?

No doubt most of us have no idea of what we're looking at  in the picture above;  but it's an ancient relic of early eastern european church history. it was used quite often during one peroid; to rid the world of evil spirits and possessed bodies - sort of like Bishop Longstroke.

You see, he denies doing any of this sexual criminality; even when there are now four victims sworn and ready to appear in-court. they are MEN, they aren't women. they are not afraid of their reputations being ruined. basically because they've already been ruined by Bishop Longstroke; a long long time ago.. sadly.

"I loved him. I'm always going to have love for the things that he taught me.... You finally have a father that you've always wanted for and always dreamed of.... He would just walk away from you if you don't give him what he wants. So you end up turning into something you never thought you would be, which is now a slave to a man that you love.... ''
"So, while the media and the rest of the people around the city, around the country look at us like how could grown men let another man touch him, what you have to understand is this man has manipulated us since childhood....  This man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us. That's not a father, that's a predator.... You are not a man, you are a monster"

The Pain in this Young Man's Face and His Words is so clear and visible that no one can deny that he is a victim. when the national news services found him in colorado, he was totally suprised; yet he graciously answered their questions about the lawsuit.  This is what a victim of Sexual Exploitation Looks Like.  No Man would come out sexually about his assault on international television - if he were not truly trying to clear up a situation. this young man Jamal Parris should be embraced for his courage.
"predator" and a "monster."
"I loved him and I'm always going to have love for the things he taught us, but how he left us hurt worse than anything I ever felt in my life," Jamal Parris told Atlanta's Fox TV affiliate WAGA in an interview broadcast Tuesday. "This man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us. That's not a father, that's a predator."
Parris, 23, is one of four men suing the TV preacher in state court, claiming that he abused his "spiritual authority" and gave them cars, clothes, cash and trips to lure them into sexual relationships while they were teen members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta.

Parris described an ongoing emotional struggle.
"I cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head and I cannot forget the smell of his cologne and I cannot forget the way he made me cry many nights when I drove in his cars on the way home," Parris said. "I'm not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off my body."
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This is Jamal Parris'  Story and We Believe Him - Not Bishop Longstroke. the bishop is a self appointed minister who answers to who ? no one apparently, but more on that later in the post -
Watch Jamal Paris tell us what Eddie Long did to him
Alleged Victim Calls Pastor Eddie Long a "Monster" One of Long's Accuser Says the Pastor Encouraged Him to Call Him 'Daddy' By STEVE OSUNSAMI, LEEZEL TANGLAO and SARAH NETTER
Jamal Parris, 23, told WAGA-TV in Atlanta that Bishop Eddie Long, leader of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, swept into his life and used him for sex and moved on to younger prey.

"I cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head, and I cannot forget the smell of his cologne, and I cannot forget the way he made me cry when I drove in his car on the way home, not able to take enough showers to get the smell of that man off my body," Parris said in the Tuesday broadcast.

When Parris was 17, he said, Long would take him "alone to the guesthouse" and "encourage him to call him daddy," according to his lawsuit.
None of Long's accusers, including Spencer LaGrande, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg, had spoken publicly since their lawsuits were filed last week.The other young men claimed in separate lawsuits that he lavished them with expensive gifts and trips and then forced them into sexual relationships when they were teenagers.

Parris alleged that Long also used the "holy scripture to justify and support the sexual activity."

Long's accusers have said they believe the bishop abused more young men that eventually will come forward. Many people at the church knew what was going on but covered for Long, victims claimed.
Robinson and Flagg were the first two accusers, followed a short time later by Parris. Parris' attorney said the young men were brave enough to come forward and should be treated as sex abuse victims.

"If you are a victim and you are a young man or a young boy no matter when it happened in your life it is time to stand up and get to someone and tell them," said B.J. Bernstein, attorney for the alleged victims.
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We are keeping these Young Men in our Hearts and hoping that the legal system will do what needs to be done to the abuser.  no one should have to endure this, no one.

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