Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who's Been in the Kitchen with Mimi ?

ooooooo, it looks like lil Mimi's been going too hard on them ring pops,, damn Nicky. I bet that's gonna teach ya ass bout buyin candy for babies. 
Make that - urrrruhhhh,,, rumored babies.

This is in August in Brazil - oh boy or maybe girl !

Ohhh Myyy, we busted our ass on stage this weekend in all diva style. she was appearing in Singapore at the Grand Prix. those redamdiculous heels she wears threw her ass down. then she called for one of her uberflunkees to come take them off. Watch this,

yeah she knew to bring water as that's her real job - a water bearer. yes mimi has her own personal water bearer. she supposedly moves with a complete team of flunkees to do whatever she needs/wants at every second of her uber fabulous life. (side-eye) what is Nicky for then ?

Anyway.. what inquiring minds want to know is when are we gonna admit we're baking buns Mdme. Mimi ? it's obvious that something is going on from that pic above.

What do you think - is Mimi Pregnant ?

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