Sunday, September 5, 2010

People Isn't it Time We All Just Tried to Be Honest About Who We REALLY Are ?

Reading Blogs every week I run across some that are extraordinary. Like my friend Ms. Lady Deborah - From My Brown Eyed View. she blogs about the reality she sees all around her everyday. her blog highlights many of the worlds atrocities, as well as a few personal points of reflection. 

I read her post on a personal tragedy that happened in her family recently.It was about a road rage incident where a person in her family was killed, basically due to someone elses stupidity. It was so upsetting. I watched the video that was above the post and tried to make more sense out of it, only to feel myself being sucked into the vortex of it's pain.

I Too Am a Light Skinned Black Person.. and I'm sick of being defined by my skin color not the content of my character..

this is the crux of many of the ills that Blackfolks deal with on a daily basis. what skin tone you are. 

Yes My Whitefolks I'm hanging out some of My Blackfolks Laundry today and I know you are sitting back wondering why.

well it's damn well time we started hanging out our laundry and letting it air out. Ms. Lady Deborah does it so well, and on a daily basis. I believe that if more of us dealt with the plain facts, we'd be able to deal with our rage, not only on the road - but in real life on a daily basis.

You see in America there seems to be some perception of skin color as a measure of a persons' real character. NAAAAAAAAHHHHH NAHHHH. THAT'S SOME BULLCRAP BUDDY.  If It were true, then what's the deal with folks who are extremely Light or Dark ?  we have no measure of a persons character, other than a persons words and deeds, and we all need to get that straight right now. 
Skin Color is determined by your genetics, not your mindset. Got It ?

This is the legend from the video to give you a little more explaination on who he is and why he's doing the video -

This week's Spoken Word Sunday's piece, Caramel Complexion, is performed by my good friend Ian Porter (aka DJ Stimey). Stimey is my brother in rhyme, representing the other half of the Wise Intellects Crew. And when he's not kicking ass on the mic, you can catch him doing some dope artwork with special effects make-up and illustration.

The piece, unofficially titled "Caramel Complexion", is Stimey's perspective on being half-black, half-white, and his thoughts on how society treated him as such while growing up in a racially conscious world.

The Bathala Project -

Spoken or written, either way I'm killin
Yes this was the video that she used to illustrate the pain that Lightskinned folks feel. I can totally relate because I've been all these things, whether I felt I was or not. you see we look at people and gain some perspective by what they look like, before we even open our mouths at all. some are prejudiced against skin color; some against hair; some against weight and size; and yet again some against sex and sexual preferences. 

I must admit that like everyone else I've bitten into those bitter apples on occassion as well. usually not to hate, but because I wished I was taller, or I wished my skin was darker, or I wished I was not so large. it's still a sick and sad road to rage on; and Ms. Lady Deborah Is Right. We Need to Look in the Mirror and Accept Who WE Really Are and stop hating, peroid.

People Isn't it Time We All Just Tried to Be Honest About Who We REALLY Are ?

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msladydeborah said...

Thank you for your nice words about my blog. I really appreciate your remarks.

I also love your hair color! :-)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Ms Lady Deborah I appreciate YOU Honey. Keep on doin whatcha doin girl cause we need many many many more like ya. thanks for the compliment. trying to work on turning it reallll light for the fall. almost like a Kelis Grey. it's about that time, really doh !

askcherlock said...

Through Facebook I recently connected to my best friend from high school, my best friend who just happens to be Black. Like you, she is a woman of good and honorable character. Like you, she left an indelible mark of her presence of beauty within, what lies beneath is the part of ourselves called character. We all need to get a grip on reality in this country. We have lost our center of moral relevance and it is turning and churning this country into sour milk. Thank you for your honesty and integrity. You are a shining example of good character which, by the way, has nothing to do with skin tone.

RE Ausetkmt said...

aww Cher, you really know how to make a chica feel good. thanks for the love honey. and btw, you're quite a shining example of womanhood yourself there chica !

FishHawk said...

I'm sorry, but green people just plain freak me out. Whoa, and don't get me started on those purple ones!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Fishhawk.. What about the Polkadotted and Striped People. Sheesh, you know halloween is comin and they'll be knocking ooonn yourrrr dooooorrrr.. Hey this weekend I actually saw some Blue Folks in TV. butterah that's normal around here in the fall, as we're michigan fans. I was formerly a Green Person when I graduated from MSU or MooYou as we call it; before my final school colors which are Red and White. so I guess I'm alright now huh ?

3 Giggly Monsters said...

Hello I am a new follower from MM. I would love a follow back at

Duni said...

Hi there!

thank you for stopping by my blog and your very kind comments :)

I grew up in a multi-national environment, so for me skin colour isn't an issue.
When I moved here I became aware that a people speculated (here in Germany, small town, mostly farmers, you get the picture)on my heritage due to my non-typical German looks. They are always surprised to hear me speak fluent German! Haha.
I take care to surround myself with ONLY supportive people. I'm very choosy :)



RE Ausetkmt said...

Duni you are a very smart woman. hopefully more of us will eventually begin to understand that we are just PEOPLE. My Friend from Germany who was part German Part Black said that she had the hardest time because people always wanted to talk about her dna, instead of who she was. that's why she says she moved to the us to get away from it. she says that now she sees it differently and understands why. it's all about our sameness but it takes some of us longer to figure that out, unfortunantly.

Germany is one of those places that I truly didn't feel comfortable when visiting. it had alot to do with the looks I got from people on the street, even though as youi can see, I am as light as you. it was very uncomfortable visting for me, even in the 90's when I was there.

RE Ausetkmt said...

hey there Megan. I of course have followed you today and enjoyed your Pink Post. that dress was gorgeous. hope to see you again soon. Cheers !