Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Does Aretha Franklin need Glasses ?

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Aretha Franklin is casting her own biopic. this is crazy, how the hell is she choosing Halle Berry to play herself ? Halle as Aretha - Oooohhhhh co'mon queen..

We Think the Audience deserves a Lil Respect REE. We Remember YOU Baby, and Halle You Wat'n.
now forreal I want to see Halle Berry do this right here..
Cause no doubt Gabby, Eric, and David will be on her mind. Having seen REE Many Many times live on stage, in clubs, at music industry events; up close at parties; and in church; I admit that I'm one of her biggest fans. I remember REE from Wayyyyyyyyy Back.
REE's an Icon in the D; and you will Understand Why She's Called the Queen if she casts this movie like she wants it. No Doubt Denzell is gonna wear Rev C.L. Franklin like a suit. he was a well loved (yes sistas I know) and respected Man, Father, Civil Rights Activist and Preacher for many many decades.
When he died so many people came to see his body that they had to have an open viewing for a week. yes that's what I said, a week. Rev Franklin started REE singing, along with her sisters and brother. they sang in church at first.

This is one of her Fathers Favorites. she often sang this song for her father and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. she sang this song at New Bethel one sunday and I swear I felt the ground beneath the church shake on it's foundation. Yes Sista REE, you can move the earth.
She was so popular that people used to come to church just to hear her sing solos' and occasional duets with her father C.L. Who was quite a voice himself. Then REE found herself wanting to go out into the secular world. Her father understood - and RE always Came Back to Church.
Do you remember Amazing Grace ? Lawd Have Mercy she sings this song. this is from Luther Vandross' funeral.

She is a Preachers Daughter and She Gives it Her Best. Have Mercy.
Somehow I wonder how Halle will handle this part since we've never heard her sing ? could they be planning on using REE's vocals for the songs and Halle just to speak ? that would be a whole new dimension.
Personally we think she should have chosen someone like Jennifer Holiday. She has the look, the voice and the acting chops. plus she more closely resembles REE. I think REE is just being like all of us who wanna be Halle Berry Fine.. (side-eye, cause I did say All OF US)

You Know That's right Queen - You, Muscle Shoals and a Piano. Baby Please - this is Music Right Here.

Aretha Franklin is already the Queen of Soul and a millinery trendsetter. Now she's donning the hat of casting director.
Franklin revealed Friday her dream cast for an upcoming biopic based on her best-selling biography, "Aretha: From These Roots."
It should come as no surprise that the Grammy winner wants only the best. Her lineup features Oscar winner Halle Berry as a young Franklin, and Oscar and Tony winner Denzel Washington as her father, the Rev. C.L. Franklin. She sees Oscar nominee Terrence Howard as Smokey Robinson, Golden Globe nominee Blair Underwood as her brother, Cecil, and Nia Long as her sister Erma.
Franklin has had conversations with Berry, Washington and Howard, who reportedly are enthusiastic about the film, but the casting is far from set. She has yet to review a script, which she says she'll do next week.

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