Thursday, September 9, 2010

Like Antoine Says - Hey Homeboy, We Gone Find You

Hey Homeboy, We Gone Find You, Be Assured of that. Antoine has called out the entire world on this search and we're in it to see Kelly's Rapist caught. She is very lucky to have a brother like Antoine who is willing to go all out and spank a homeboy.

Yes This is the ITUNES Extended Version ;and You Know it's got a whooooooole lot more lyrics, and more of Antoine giving the low down on the homeboy. Oh Yeah, he knows We're All Lookin for His Ass. If the homie was smart he'd turn his ass in now, cause a nation of folks is looking for him.

Hey Homeboy, We Gone Find You; Cause Errybody Runnin and Tellin Dat !


askcherlock said...

This is one courageous young man. Let's hope he can lead by example.

RE Ausetkmt said...

you are right Cher. most people aren't going to stand up for anyone these days. it's really sad.