Sunday, June 20, 2010

Biggest Love and Happy Fathers Day To All Of Our Fathers

I was lucky enough as a youngster to get to see Horace Silver live at my junior high school. yes, he and his quintet came and gave us a free concert, since his sister worked as a teacher at the school. Amazing and Wonderful all at once. so today we wish All of the Fathers a wonderful day and dedicate this jazz classic tune just to you.

We’d like to add a couple very special Dedications :

Papa ASID – Always First in Everything ASID ! Ya Large and In Charge
The BASSA ! – Running the show on autopilot. when we grow up we wanna be just like you.
Horace Coleman – The Man who keeps pushin the buttons and postin the mail. it couldn’t work with out you Cap’.
King Bussy Lutalo – Only You Have the Keys.. Now Drive Boss.
Mr. Bertus – Our Singer and the Voice of the RawRootsPodcast; yes it’s true they can not hurt us, as long as we have you Big Singer.
And to ALL Our Friends, Entertainment Fathers, and Family – Stay Blessed and Remain Level as that’s how we can ALL Move Forward.

Biggest Love and Happy Fathers Day To All Our Fathers,

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